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Local Experiences with cultural pursuits

While you are in Bhutan, we recommend you add a few local or unique activities which can add aesthetic or adventurous flavor to your Bhutan trip.

You can try something Bhutanese; cook Bhutanese dishes, hit the bull’s eye with a traditional bow and arrow, take a Bhutanese hot stone bath; savor the locally brewed alcohol (Ara). Heal yourself by plunging in the medicinal hot spring or go in search of rare flowers and birds.

You can take photographs with monks at the hilltop or learn a meditation technique from an Authentic Buddhist master.

Top Interesting Facts about Bhutan

  1. It's the only Carbon Negative Country in the World
  2. The country was detached from the World until the 1970s
  3. There are no Traffic Lights In Bhutan
  4. Bhutan only have GNH(Gross National Happiness) index instead of GDP
  5. Smoking is prohibited in Bhutan
  6. Bhutan has the highest unclimbed peaks
  7. Everyone loves spices
  8. Bhutan has never been conquered
  9. Bhutan got the first TV in 1999
  10. Bhutanese believe in Yeti
  11. Archery is the National game of Bhutan

Here are a few lists of things that you can add to your itinerary while you are here.