The Off Beaten Path: Gasa,Bhutan

Awesome visit to Gasa, the road less traveled .The wild and breathtaking region with the incredible diversity of flora, fauna and wildlife. Home to country’s national symbols:Takin(national animal)& Blue Poppy(national flower).
The natural splendor of Gasa is unparalleled in the country.Over a hundred of glacial lakes are at the foot of Himalayan peaks.

Dzongs of Bhutan: The Architectural Treat

Dzongs are traditional Bhutanese fortresses, built across the country during the 17th century as a defence against attacks from Tibet. They are uniquely constructed without any nails or iron bars but by spiritual inspiration which gave direction for constructions and later decorated with traditional Bhutanese woodwork and intricate art.

Experience: Myths, Magic & Meditation in Bhutan

It is the myths, magic and monk that separate Bhutan from other travel destinations in the world. So while at Bhutan you can take both inner and and outer journeys. The beautiful monasteries hidden within the fold of mountains, the little cute monks on the …