Hot Spring : The Wealth of Bhutan

Mountains of Gasa

Gasa hot springs is located on the bank of Mo Chhu River. It is a wonder to watch the hot water frothing through the surface of land. Scientifically, the water coming into contact with very hot rock could have resulted in hot springs.

Gasa hot springs  is one of the most popular springs in the country and is frequently visited by locals and occasionally by the tourist as this hot spring is supposed to have lot of health benefits.

A decade back, I remember well trekking for hours to reach the hot spring. But today there is a black topped road that takes you right there at the hot spring.

There are five houses/pools at the Gasa Tshachu. Each Pool/Pond is designated to cure certain Ailments.

Pond A: Poisoning / Blood and humor disorder/ Digestive Disorder

Pond B:Good For Heavy metal poisoning/fracture and dislocation/ Contracture and Stiffness of Limbs/joint aches and Pain

Pond C: For Stomach disorder, Joint aches and pain

Pond D: Joint Aches /Skin problems /Throat problem and the VIP Pool

Pond B
Pond B
Pond C
Pond C

The water temperature varies in each of the pool so visitors can choose the one that they like best. Bathing facilities have also been provided to ensure that the Hot Springs remain clean and hygienic.

Till last year there was a pay pool whereby you ould pay and book the pool but now this has been lifted and designated only to VIP guest.

We visited Gasa in the month of June so the pool was less crowded but I believe if you visit on the month of December, January or February then getting the pool all by yourself would be very difficult, people line up in queue and take turns. I believe on this peak months getting the rooms would be difficult as well. So usually the local pitch their tent and stay there for months.


Hot Spring in Bhutan, Gasa
Hot Spring in Bhutan

There are Government guest houses close to the pools. There are three categories of room.Very basic, basic and comfortable. But all cooking items have to be brought by us. However in comfortable category room they provide utensils, gas stove, and bedding; the toilet also has geysers but nothing is provided in basic and very basic category.

Maybe due to meager population the cost of food is very expensive and choice of food is fewer  so if you are planning to stay in Gasa guest house we recommend you to bring food items either from Thimphu or Punakha.

The locals soak in for hours in the hot spring water but honestly speaking, I could not do for more than an hour at a stretch as the heat was getting  into my head . But yes the short dip  was relaxing and it soothed my muscle to a certain extend . The water gives the sulfuric smell which is supposed to have a healing effect.  There are many a story whereby people were cured of many chronic diseases.

And it is an awesome feeling to just lie down there and watch the tall  mountains.Occasionally, you will also be greeted by rare and beautiful birds.

This is also the best place to meet the locals from all walk of life .

There are many things that you can do other than Tshachhu/Hot spring while you are here. You can stroll around the Jigme Dorji National Park , you can do birding or take a short hike to the adjacent Jigme Dorji National Park.

All in one , it was a unique experience and each experience always adds some flavor in our life.

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