Day Hike in Paro

Panoramic view of Paro Valley

If you are one of those people who like cloud covered mountains and luxuriant greens, then this is the must hike. It will be like visiting a part of heaven itself.

The hike starts, 2Km from Ta Dzong. We have to take the ancient walking trail through lush green forest to reach the fort.

As you walk through this trail you can capture the stunning panoramic view of Paro valley. It will take about  30 minutes of uphill climb to reach the fort. As you approach towards Zuri Fort you will be welcomed by narrow bridge with running stream.

Cliffs on the Way To Zuri
Cliffs on the Way To Zuri

The Zuri Fort  stands like a silent sentinel, surrounded by Big Cypress Trees which is supposed to be 400 years old.

Zuri Dzong At Paro Bhutan
Zuri Dzong

There is also a running local story on how the Cypress Tree came here. During 15th century at the time of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel, one man from the vicinity of Zuri Dzong had committed that he would take the responsibility of collecting woods for Paro Dzong Construction. He was whipping the tree and rolling it down to Paro Dzong, when he reached at the courtyard of Zuri Fort he was stopped by a lady for a cup of tea. As he started drinking the tea, the trees started standing on its own and implanted themselves on the courtyard of Zuri Dzong.

You can take the rest here under the cypress tree and enjoyed the cool sweeping breeze before heading to the magnificent fort.

This site is revered as it is believed to have been blessed by Guru Rinpoche. Built in 1352, this massive six storied fighting fort was ideally located to protect the valley. It has thick walls and has narrow slits in and around the fort through which soldiers could shoot arrows and the top floor was used for storage as well as to target attackers with cannon balls.

The hike is easy and after checking out from the monastery , we  can retrace the path back.

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