One Night Bumdra Trek: Venture into the Untamed Wilderness of the Himalayas

Bumdra Trek

Bumdra is a sublime paradise high above the clouds at an elevation of 3,800 meters above sea level.  It is a perfect place for one-night camping in the untamed wilderness under the blanket of stars with comfortable bedding facilities in Paro Bhutan.

Sangchen Chökhor Monastery Paro
Sangchen Chökhor Monastery

The 5-6 hours trek starts from Sangchen Choekor Buddhist University, about 12 km away from Paro town. After visiting the chapel at Sangchen Choekor; venture through the forest of bare naked trees until you reach a small canopy to rest.

Bumdra Trek
Bumdra Trek
Bumdra Trek
Canopy resting point

Following a brief gentle walk, continue hiking up the ridge through cool tree shades to the lunch point at Choechotse Lhakhang situated at 3,640 meters above sea level.  It takes about 3 hours to get here from Sangchen Choekor- the starting point of the trek. After a good hot packed lunch, visit the Choechotse Lhakhang and continue another 1.5 to 2 hours till Bumdra Camp.

Bumdra Trek Bhutan
Choechotse Lhakhang

Bumdra camp is set in a yak pasture just below the Bumdra Monastery. Bumdra derives its name from the word ‘Bum’ which means ‘One Hundred Thousand’ and ‘Dra’ which means ‘rock’. In association to the myths and legends connected to this sacred pilgrim place, Bumdra is translated as “Rock or a cave where One Hundred Thousand Dakinis left their footprints and aspirations’’.

Bumdra Lhakhang
Bumdra Lhakhang
Bumdra Trek Bhutan
Near Bumdra Camp

Apart from being sacred, the place is truly magical and picturesque. When you are at Bumdra be sure to take time to sit down and breathe in the calming silence of the mountains and appreciate its stillness. You will need to experience it to understand it, and you will be glad you did.

The epic view of the valley below, glorious Himalayan ranges at the backdrop, the blanket of clouds floating below your feet, exotic sunset, and starlit sky at night, and serene morning sunrise enhances the wonder of this place.

Bumdra Trek Path
The path going downwards from Bumdra to Tiger’s Nest Monastery
Yoedselgang Lhakhang above Tiger’s Nest Monastery

The following day you will descend to Tiger’s Nest Monastery visiting many secluded temples in remarkable locations.

Zangdopelri above Tiger's Nest Monastery
View of Zangdopelri Temple near Tiger’s Nest Monastery captured from Ugyen Tsemo above Tiger’s Nest.


Tiger's Nest Monastery

Tiger's Nest Monastery
Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Visit Taktsang Monastery (3,210 meters), the signature spot of Bhutan before continuing to the base of the valley at Ramthangka, Paro valley (2,220 meters) before you drive back to your accommodation in Paro.

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