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All you Need to Know About BHUTAN VISA

Have any doubts on how to get a Bhutan Visa?  No Worries. We are here to provide you all the information on Bhutan Visa and Bhutan Visa Cost. So, know all about Bhutan Travel Visa , Travel Cost and  How to transfer money to Bhutan before traveling to Bhutan.

It is easy  to apply for Bhutan Travel Visa. All  visitors visiting  Bhutan has to procure  visa before arriving in Bhutan. The Regional Tourists( Indian, Bangladeshi, and Maldivians) require e -permits to enter Bhutan. However, International Tourists require e-visas.  Both e-Visas and e-permits are issued through certified tour operators like Bhutan Best Inbound Tour.

The guidelines provided below may help you to understand how to  get Bhutan Visa. And how it works.

Bhutan Visa

The visa formalities work slightly differently for Regional  Tourist and International  Tourist.

Visa Formality For International Tourist


Bhutan Government has adopted a cautious tourism policy from the beginning to avoid the negative impact of mass tourism. Being a small country, Bhutan cannot effort to succumb to over-commercialization in the field of Tourism. Thus the policy of High Value, Low Volume Tourism is highly preserved.

Bhutan Visa Cost

In order to attain this philosophy, International Visitors have to pay the minimum daily tariff . The Daily tariff is USD 200 per night in the off-season. However in peak season, it is USD 250 per night . The off season months are January, February, June, July, August, and December  . And the peak season  months are March, April, May, September, October, and November. The actual Bhutan Visa Cost is USD 40 for one time . Nevertheless, the minimum daily package requirement has to be met.

Most of the Tourists misunderstand the minimum daily tariff to be the fee that they will be charged per night . But this fee covers almost everything .

What is Included in Daily Tariff

The daily tariff includes

  1. The night stay in certified 3* properties
  2. All ground transportation
  3. Entry fees to monuments and other sightseeing places
  4. The private guide cost.
  5. Bhutan Visa
  6. The Government Royalty of USD 65
The daily tariff Excludes

1. International Airfare

2. Domestic Airfare


4. Any expense of Personal nature

5. The Government supplement of USD 40 & USD 30 per person per night , if travelling . It is done so as to meet the guide and transport expenses .

Out of the above-given tour cost, approximately 35% goes to the Government as Sustainable Development Fund. Nevertheless,the Sustainable Fund supports the country’s free health and education service.

Bhutan Travel
Bhutan Travel
Visa Application Process

In order to get your Bhutan visa , first you have to send your tour cost as per the minimum package requirement. You can send the payment to any registered tour operator like Bhutan Best Inbound Tour.

The payment has to be sent in the favor of the Bhutan tour operator. However the payment does not get credited in the Tour operator account. The tour operator just have the right to transfer the payment to the following account:

1.Airlines: In case if you are purchasing flight ticket through your tour operators

  1. Tourism Council of Bhutan: For Visa purpose and

3.Hoteliers: If you have opted to stay in the luxury hotel

Payment Protection

So this way the Tourism Council of Bhutan makes sure that your payment is well protected. If your tour operator does not keep you at the 3*property or if you are not happy with the service, you can complain to  Tourism Council of Bhutan .

After receiving your payment, the Bhutan Tour operator has to send all the payments to the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB).   TCB verifies  the minimum package requirement and further forwards to the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs. The Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs just checks the validity of the passport and approves your Bhutan Visa. The Tour operator will mail you the e-visa , once the visa is approved . The e visa has to be produced while entering the country. Upon your arrival, an immigration officer at the counter shall verify your passport  and e visa clearance .

You need to show your visa clearance letter at your point of entry. Then the immigration will stamp the visa into your passport.

How To Transfer money to Bhutan Account

There are 2 ways to transfer money to Bhutan account:

1. International Wire Transfer

Bhutan can receive the payment in  USD , Euro , Yen and in GBP. So, please follow the following steps to transfer money to Bhutan account.

Step1: The remit  amount should be transferred in any of the above mentioned currency. If your country currency is not in the above currency list. Then please convert.

Step 2. You have to provide details of Beneficiary Bank details (Bhutan National Bank)

 Beneficiary Bank details (Bhutan National Bank)

Step 3:

You have to provide details of Ultimate Beneficiary/Recipient

Beneficiary :

  1. Account Name of Tour Operator : Eg. Bhutan Best Inbound Tour
  2. Address : Eg. RTC Road , White Duplex, PO Box 2050, Postal code 11001 , Thimphu
  3. Account Number: Eg 0100072……
2. Bhutan Payment Gateway

The other way to transfer money to Bhutan is by using Bhutan Payment Gateway System. The tour operator will just send you the link, you just need to click the link , fill in details and submit. You need to use your Cards to make payment to Bhutan account through Bhutan Payment Gateway.

Bhutan Visa Formality For Regional Tourist

Till June 2020, Indian, Bangladeshis, and Maldivian nationals could obtain a permit at the port of entry on producing a valid passport.

It was not mandatory for Regional Tourists to have an e-visa to enter Bhutan. They could travel to Bhutan on their own in support of their Voters Identity Card (VIC)).

Starting from 1st July 2020, the Royal Government of Bhutan has levied SDF (Sustainable Development Fee) for Regional Guest. This is levied in order to promote sustainable and responsible Tourism under the same principle of ‘High Value, Low Volume” Tourism. The concessional SDF  for Regional Guest is Nu.1200 per person per night, equivalent to approximately USD16.

The Villages of Bhutan

It has also become Mandatory for Regional Tourist to have e-visa prior to visiting Bhutan

e-Permit Process

The  licensed Bhutanese Tour operator like Bhutan Best Inbound Tour processes the e-permit . However, the Regional guests can recommend the tour operator their own choice of preferred hotel or transportation.

The regional tourist has to furnish the following through the tour operator in order to get e-permit.

1.Details of the confirmed tour itinerary

2. Details of the confirmed accommodation

3. Details of the confirmed ground transport

4. Details of Licensed Bhutanese Tour Guide

5. Pay the Sustainable Development Fee (SDF)

The Regional guests are required to send the photo page of the passport to the tour operator . As this is required by tour operator  to apply for  e-permit through Online Regional Permit System.  Please note that for e-permit the Voter Card does not work. The  mandatory document required is the passport .

Benefits of paying SDF For Regional Guest

The new change could be a disappointment to some of the Regional Tourists . However, there are some benefits of paying SDF. The following are the benefits

  1. You will get your permit in advance.
  2. Safe and secure personal attention during the stay in Bhutan
  3. Preferential Exemption granted to all Tourists from paying the entry fees for state-owned tourist attraction sites.
  4. Guarantee quality services.
  5. Contribute to overall sustainable management of tourism in Bhutan

If you still have any questions about  Bhutan Travel Visa, you can always feel to Contact Us. We are the licensed tour operator and can provide you information on Bhutan Travel Visa.

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