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Try Something Bhutanese

The magnificence and grandeur of Bhutan are not kept from the world anymore. The nation has given itself out to be seen by the world, hypnotic as heaven, the culture, the people, the location and everything about this place is unique. It might not be new but the nation is extremely wealthy in terms of Culture and heritage.

You can be a part of the culture by integrating few of the activities below


If you want to start your day with the crowing of the cock, and a cup of Butter Tea, or see the farmer milking or harvesting then homestay can be the perfect answer for you. Nowadays people prefer staying in homestays as compared to staying in a hotel. There are ample of reasons behind it like you will get personalized service as you become the center of attraction of the hosts of the family. If you are one of those who miss home-cooked meals while travelling then you should give a try staying at the homestay for once. You get the opportunity to meet the local people which are indeed much more beneficial for you as locals can tell you various other historical places to visit around the city, which even Google fails to detect. Staying at the homestay can be a very enriching experience for you as it will not only help you to penetrate through Bhutanese Culture but will also give you an opportunity to see life through different aspect.

So it would be a great idea to try out at least one night homestay. However if you still prefer to stay in luxurious hotel then you can experience any of the following


Bhutanese Dish cooking:

One of the best ways to mix with local would be by taking part with them as they prepare Bhutanese dish for you .You can spend time while making meals and then later savor it. Most Bhutanese food  are rich and spicy with a lot of cheese and chilies. It has also got some cool flavors up its sleeves that are seen in the dishes found in local restaurants. Ema Datshi, Jasha Maroo or Maru, Phaksha Paa, and Red Rice are few of the most famous dishes this land has given to the world. Learning the skill of Bhutanese cooking would be an amazing event to undergo and take back with you to your home.

Bhutanese Dish cooking

Butter Tea Making:

Suja or Butter tea is a staple drink in Bhutan.

In fact, drinking butter tea is a regular part of life in Bhutan. Before going to work, a Bhutanese will typically enjoy several bowlfuls of this beverage to kick-start the day.

Traditionally, Suja is made from tea leaves, water, salt and butter.

You can try a hand on in traditional Butter Tea making process. It would be a fun using a wooden churner to churn the butter for tea. Back in the olden days, the preparation of Suja was quite a big task. To make this specialty in Bhutan, a wooden churner was used to churn the butter for the tea.

Butter Tea Making

Hit The Bull Eye in Game of Khuru:

Khuru is a popular outdoor team sport often played during festival . It is equivalent to the game of darts played internationally. Made of wood and tipped with sharp pointed metal,khurus are thrown at Targets, which are about 20 mtrs apart. The game is played between two teams and point allocated as in archery game.

In Bhutan, you will see women also equally participating in game of Khuru. Each hit is celebrated with fun, frolic, song & dance

Hit The Bull Eye in Game of Khuru

Farm House Lunch:

Bhutan is the only 100% organic nation in the whole world. It is considered special because the food which reached their tables is organic and consists of almost 0% of fertilizers. Many farm lunches are also organized on the farm as well, to give a feel of freshness to the tourists. Often these meals are organized in the presence of farmers where they describe the procedure of growing these vegetables and the obstacles faced by them in doing so. These collaborative lunches give an insight to the tourists about the culture and the farming methods followed in Bhutan.

You will also be served fresh food directly came from the farms. Bhutan is famous for fruits like peaches, plums and pears The vegetables which you should include in your plate when you visit Bhutan are Bamboo shoots, Fiddlehead Fern, Bhutanese Spinach, Mushroom and Bittergourd.

Farm House Lunch

Traditional Hot Stone Bath:

Another fun activity to try in Bhutan would be the hot Stone Bath. The bathwater is called as Menchu/ Smenchu or medicinal water; it is made by boiling Artemisia leaves with fresh river water. The process includes hot river stones, which are roasted in the fire until they give out a gleaming red look. The water temperature is increased by inserting the hot stones up a wood chute which is connected to the wooden tub containing medicinal water.

The holes in the wooden chute allow water to be heated quickly, this prevents any burn or injury chances; it is very safe. In the culture, the stones are supposed to possess healing powers that they transmit in mineral form into the water. After a long day having fun outdoors, you can end it relaxing in Menchu water while enjoying hot drinks. You can add on scrub and massage if you need it. This would be an excellent way to release all the tension and stress and regain your calm and composure for the next thrilling day traveling and seeing Bhutan.

Traditional Hot Stone Bath

Celebrate Archery Match With Local:

The national sport of Bhutan is Archery, it is locally known as ’Da' in Dzongkha (the national language of Bhutan). The level of passion and excitement Bhutanese have for archery is unmatched; it would be wrong not to include Da while talking about Bhutan. The zeal on the faces to see and arrow zip 100m past them onto the target is peerless. You try this out with your family; it will be an enjoyable learning experience for all.

Celebrate Archery Match With Local

Make Authentic Bhutanese Paper:

You can try your hand in  making authentic Bhutanese paper of your own as a souvenir. It is locally known as Desho paper   Deh-sho paper was originally used by monasteries for woodblock and manuscript books and also for writing prayer books.

 Visitors can observe the entire process of producing handmade paper using ancient traditional methods that have been practiced for generations. The whole process of paper being made from the pulp to the finished paper would be an amazing activity to add in your to-do list. 

Make Authentic Bhutanese Paper