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Archery and Hot Stone Bath


The national sport of Bhutan is Archery, it is locally known as ’Da' in Dzongkha (the national language of Bhutan) & competition are held regularly in most Villages. The level of passion and excitement Bhutanese have for archery is unmatched; it would be wrong not to include Da while talking about Bhutan. The zeal on the faces to see and arrow zip 100m past them onto the target is peerless. You can try this out while in Bhutan, it will be an enjoyable learning experience for all.


Hot Stone Bath

Another fun activity to try in Bhutan would be the hot Stone Bath. The bathwater is called as Menchu/ Smenchu or medicinal water; it is made by boiling Artemisia leaves with fresh river water. The process includes hot river stones, which are roasted in the fire until they give out a gleaming red look. The water temperature is increased by inserting the hot stones up a wood chute which is connected to the wooden tub containing medicinal water.

The holes in the wooden chute allow water to be heated quickly, this prevents any burn or injury chances; it is very safe. In the culture, the stones are supposed to possess healing powers that they transmit in mineral form into the water. After a long day having fun outdoors, you can end it relaxing in Menchu water while enjoying hot drinks. You can add on scrub and massage if you need it. This would be an excellent way to release all the tension and stress and regain your calm and composure for the next thrilling day traveling and seeing Bhutan.