Best Time To Visit Bhutan

Best Time To Visit in Bhutan

You might have heard travel advocates or travel specialists give testimonials on travel websites about Spring and Autumn being the best time to visit Bhutan . However, Bhutan is a year round destination and each season has its own Charm & Beauty. Here is a sneak peek into the seasons of Bhutan & what each season has to offer .

Spring (Mid of March to May)

Best time to enjoy weather, festivals & trekking

Best Time to visit Bhutan

Yes, Spring is the season of rejuvenation. With the winter chill slowly waning, the weather is pleasant at this time of the year. The vegetation is verdant , displaying the natural wonders of Himalayan Landscape at its best.  The spring season offers the visitors an amazing display of Rhododendrons, Magnolias, and many other flowering shrubs in full bloom. And there is more. The Grand Paro Festival takes place in Spring. Add to it Punakha Domchoe, a theatrical reenactment of ancient military victory in the fortress of Punakha and the popular Chorten Kora Tshechu in Eastern Dzongkhag of Trashiyangtse. Even the Rhododendron Festival and Ura Yakchoe Festival takes place in spring. The Spring begins from Mid of March to May. It is the best time to visit Bhutan to enjoy pleasant weather.

Summer & Monsoon ( June, July & August)

Best time to visit Bhutan if you are looking for lower tariff & lesser crowd but not favorable for trekking

This is the time of the year when the natural vistas of the kingdom of Bhutan are lush & green. The mountains exudes a spectacular air of freshness. One can soak in the sight, sound and smell of raw earth and nature.

Apart from the glorious sapphire skies and warm weather, Summer comes with vibrant green foresting and flourishing paddy fields against a backdrop of the clear skies after the rain.

This is the time of the year when rain, clouds and rainbows add color to the quiet serene life. An evening walk in the woods, through a shroud of thin mist, or drive through the serpentine roads can be enchanting experiences-even surreal & out of the world!

Best time to visit Bhutan For verdant paddy fields

It’s a pleasant time to visit places of cultural and historical interest, although not perhaps the best time to visit Bhutan for trekking. There are also few festivals available in summer. Haa Summer Festival being one of the popular ones. You can check the Bhutan Festival Calendar here. The Monsoon in Bhutan is not the kind of rainy deluge that one experiences in many parts of South Asia. It is usually heaviest in July, although we mostly get rainfall at night or as afternoon rain every few days.

Autumn (September, October & November )

Best time to enjoy Bhutan festivals, nature, weather, photography  & trekking

Autumn follows until late November, characterized by sunny days. It is also a season of festivities. A number of Bhutan’s major festivals are celebrated in the months of September , October & November. Thimphu Tshechu (main festival of Thimphu district) draws large crowds within and outside Bhutan to witness magnificent dance performed at the courtyard of Thimphu Dzong. The Famous Black Necked Crane takes place on 11th November.

At this point of time, life is a whole symphony of creation and burial. No wonder the land of the happiest people look unusually fresh and vibrant in the festive mood.

Autumn month is filled with Bhutan Festival

Note: The Spring and autumn are also the best time to visit Bhutan for trekkers

Winter (December, January,Feb)

– Best time to visit Bhutan to enjoy snowfall , lower tariff , snow capped Himalayas & photography

Winter until the middle of March is marked by  snowfall for regions above 2,500mts. You will be visiting Bhutan at a time when the country exudes ethereal beauty and a calm that is soothing to the senses. The country landscape looks amazing with snow capped mountains, something that photographers may look forward to. It is the nostalgia inducing season of the year.

Winter is also one of those times when most locals are holidaying. You can share in the holiday mood to live out wonderful moments, making it an experience to count. The only issue could be unexpected road blocks due to heavy snowfall. So, if you want to enjoy the magic of winter, you should build in buffer days in your itineraries.

Winter in Bhutan- For Photographer Best Time To Visit Bhutan

Some travelers consider visiting Bhutan in Summer(June,July & August)  & Winter (December,Jan & Feb). By doing so, they avoid the higher tariff as well as the crowds of earlier months. So as such there is no best time to visit Bhutan, it all depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for low tariff Summer & Winter is the best time to visit and for trekkers it is Autumn & Spring. You can check Bhutan Daily Tariff as per season here .

So put on your adventure gear and experience Bhutan which is as revealing as it is mysterious.

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