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Mountains are Calling & I must Go (Dagala 1000 Lakes Trek)

There is something overwhelming about the mountains. Maybe it’s their tall and majestic posture which makes us feel small .or the thrill that we get with the thought of climbing it. Whatever it is Mountains are calling and I must Go This trek is for …

Day Hike in Paro

If you are one of those people who like cloud covered mountains and luxuriant greens, then this is the must hike. It will be like visiting a part of heaven itself.The hike starts, 2Km from Ta Dzong. We have to take the ancient walking trail …

Camping in The Himalayas of Bhutan

Camping in Bhutan is a unique experience . It will offer you the combination of natural discovery and moments of adventure and Thrill. You will not see the gist of Bhutan unless you try out a night camping. There are many camping sites in Bhutan …