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Family Friendly Tours

Every family will have their idea of an ideal family vacation. Some may like an adventure like Rafting, Cycling, and Biking. Others may prefer a quiet village stay where they can interact with the locals, meet new families, and give the young ones time to socialize. Some may enjoy camping in the forest with a bonfire. You can choose your style here and we will customize the vacation for you.

Did you know? Bhutan is also known as ‘the land of thunderbolts’ and welcomes family tours with love, joy, and acceptance. Bhutanese are very warm and helpful people. When you are here with a family escape the wheel of driving here and there like in a city. You can enjoy some gentle scenic hike, visit remote villages, camp overnight over a bonfire, BirdWatch, visit giant National Parks or take part in Bhutanese traditional art and painting.

Below are a few samples of itineraries.