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Gasa Himalayas And Glacials (1500-7200m)

Gasa, the northernmost district of the country adjoins the districts of Punakha, Thimphu, and Wangdue Phodrang and with Tibet to its north. This starkly beautiful region experiences extremely long and cold winter, and short but beautiful summers.

It has the smallest population with just about 3000 inhabitants. This region is inhabited by the Layaps, nomadic herders with a unique culture. Their main sources of revenue come from trading products made from their yaks, such as yak hair textiles, cheese, butter, and yak meat. They also harvest and sell Cordyceps, (a fungus of extremely high value that is frequently used in oriental medicine).


Top 8 interesting facts about Gasa Himalayas and Glacial, Bhutan

  1. Gasa experience extremely long winters
  2. Gasa has a small population of 3000 inhabitants 
  3. The place has a unique culture
  4. It is famous for yak hair textile
  5. Gasa also harvest and sell Cordyceps
  6. The town was build in 1646
  7. Gasa is known for Snowman Trek
  8. The place popular for its healing hot springs

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