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Local Experiences with cultural pursuits

While you are in Bhutan, we recommend you to add a few local or unique activities which can add aesthetic or adventurous flavor to your Bhutan trip. Your Bhutan trip is incomplete without taking a plunge in ‘Bhutan Culture Experience’.

There are many Bhutan Cultural activities that you can  experience while at Bhutan

  • Cook Bhutanese dishes 
  • Hit the bull’s eye with a traditional bow and arrow
  •  Take a Bhutanese hot stone bath
  •  Savor the locally brewed alcohol (Ara)
  •  Heal yourself by plunging in the medicinal hot spring 
  •  Go in search of rare flowers and birds.
  • Take photographs with monks at the hilltop 
  • Learn a meditation technique from an Authentic Buddhist master.


Top Interesting Facts about Bhutan Culture

  • Women are the head of the family 
  • Women take blessings from wooden Phallus for fertility.
  • The national dress of Bhutan is Gho and Kira
  • Everyone loves spices
  • Archery is the National game of Bhutan
  • People of Bhutan believe in Yeti, Gods and Demigods