Camping in The Himalayas of Bhutan

Camping in Himalayas of Bhutan
Camping in Bhutan

Camping in Bhutan is a unique experience. It will offer you the combination of natural discovery and moments of adventure and Thrill. You will not see the gist of Bhutan unless you try out a night camping.

Nature enthusiasts will delight in the breath-taking sight and serene serenity of majestic mountains, clouds flowing beneath your feet, scenically spectacular valleys, lovely woodlands, crystalline lakes, fresh sweeping streams and rivers, and much more during their camping trip.

You may choose from opulent villa tents in pine forests to classic camping high above the clouds for your ultimate outdoor vacation. Not only can you camp in these stunning locations, but you can also have picnic lunches, explore trails, look for wildflowers, breathe in the fresh air, and participate in several other outdoor activities.

There are many camping sites in Bhutan. Take a peek at some spots of camping in Bhutan:

Talakha Camping in Bhutan

Talakha Camping site is an off beaten Bhutan Trek and provides you with the epic view of Himalayas. You need to endure a short Bhutan trek to enjoy this camping site; popularly called as Talakha Trek.

4. Mountain Biking Campsites
Camping in The Himalayas of Bhutan: Campsites At Talakha

Talakha Trek is one of the most unexplored trekking trail in Bhutan. It requires just a one night camping but treats you with epic view of the Himalayas.

It was the route used by Daga Penlop (The Governor) in olden times to travel to Thimphu and Punakha. And along the route you will also come across the the Highlander

The trek starts from Talakha Lhakhang which is about 20Km from Thimphu town.

Talakha Hike
Talakha Hike:  Exploring The Road Not Taken

You can stop for awhile At Talakha monastery and have a conversation with little monks before the start of the trek. You can also take some pictures with them.

The Trekking Route
The Himalaya Ranges
The Himalaya Ranges: View From Jeley Zey (The End Point of Talakha Hike)

From Talakha we have to  walk along the road; after the end of the road there is a divergence, one  trail leads  through the ridges of mountain and the other is the dirt road , the mountain biker’s trail. If you are on trek you got to walk  through the ridge.

After walking for around 3 hours you reach at a Nomads Pasture Ground/Pang Serbu, with the best Location to set up the camp for the people who love flowers and Mountain views.

The Grazing of Yaks
The Grazing of Yaks

The Nomad’s Pasture Land ,grazing of the Yaks, Open Sky, surrounded by giant  mountains  is visually splendid.  From here you can get the perfect view of the Last Himalayas in Bhutan along with Kanchenjunga .We may come across semi nomadic, collecting the Leaves of the Alpine Rhododendrons for incense or grazing the Yaks

The Hue of Autumn in Bhutan

The Hue of Autumn in Bhutan

You have to trek further from here to Jeley Zey to get the clear view of Himalayan ranges. The trekking route would be quite rough as you may had to walk through the fields of Stones. But once you reached on top of the Ridge you can see the entire Eastern Himalayan Mountains with Mount Kanchenjunga and Mount Lhotshe, Mount Jumolhari, Jichu Drakey and Tshering Magang over Looking Thimphu Valley, which will make your trek worth all the effort.

Mount Jumolhari Jichu Drakey and Tsheringmegang over Looking Thimphu Valley with the Talakha Monastery
Mount Jumolhari Jichu Drakey and Tshering Megang over looking Thimphu Valley with the Talakha Monastery

You can literally feel the cloud beneath your feet. While returning you can camped at Pang Serbu with stunning views.

An Inch Higher Than The Floating Clouds
An Inch Higher Than The Floating Clouds

From Pang Serbu you can see the Trek Route of Dagala Trek( 1000 Lake Trek).

Mountain Biking on Himalayas
Mountain Biking on Himalayas (Photo Courtesy Sangay)

So my suggestion is, if you want to see the Himalayas and want to try out camping but do not have much time. Then this is the must visit. You will be showered with Bountiness of mountain

After all, “Difficult Roads leads to the Beautiful Views”.

3. Mountain Biking View
Beautiful Range of Himalayas

Other Popular Camping Sites in Bhutan

  1. Marang Jungle Camp in Panbang – Zhemgang

The Marangdut Jungle Camp, located in the sub-tropical woods of Royal Manas National Park, is Bhutan’s first authentic jungle camp. It consists of eight tented campgrounds close to the Drangme River’s Marangdut tributary. Each has pleasant and large private tents for sleeping, modern bathroom and shower facilities, and a shared eating area.

A thatched roof in the traditional Khengpa style covers all of the buildings. The adjacent woodlands and streams offer plenty of options for a relaxing trek or a refreshing swim. It’s also a birdwatcher’s dream. When wild banana blooms, bamboo shoots, edible orchids and ferns are in season, the culinary team will be delighted to prepare traditional specialties using local ingredients.

  1. Bumdra Luxury Camp with Day Hike – Paro

Bumdra is a scenically spectacular sanctuary high above the sky, located 3800 metres on the mountain top of Paro valley. It takes roughly 4-6 hours to trek upwards from the Buddhist monastery of Sangchen Chorkor.

In addition to dome tents with suitable beds and cushions.

Bumdra Camp and Trek

3. Luxurious Camping

Luxurious camping are for those who would like to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature but are not so much into hiking.

Tenzinling Luxury Villa Tent-At Paro

Tenzinling Luxury Villa Tent is one of the most Luxurious campsite in Bhutan. Nestled in the Himalayan mountains and pine forest, it guarantees travelers a unique lifetime experience. It is beautifully located in midst of surrounding mountains.

Taktsang Campsite- Paro
The Valley Camp-Phobjikha
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