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Bhutan Covid Information for Travelers visiting Bhutan

The success of Bhutan’s Covid-19 story has been established on the back of a series of rapid and early initiatives implemented by Bhutan. Learn about  Bhutan Vaccination level, Covid-19 Protocol and details about visiting Bhutan in times of Corona. Also check out why Bhutan is the best place to visit in 2022.


It began inspecting visitors for indications of respiratory sickness at the country’s lone international airport in Paro in January 2020 before Covid-19 was designated a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Tiger Nest

 When a 76-year-old American tourist arrived from India and tested positive for the coronavirus in Thimphu on the night of March 5 – the country’s first Covid instance – Bhutan promptly stopped travelers from entering the country. Those returning from overseas were forced to serve a compulsory 14-day quarantine, which was then extended to 21 days – a week longer than the WHO recommends. Bhutan has kept its borders closed since then, a difficult move in a country where tourism is a major source of revenue. However the Covid Protocol is comparatively relaxed now

 King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk

Farmers have donated their harvests to feed people at quarantine centers, while hoteliers have offered their premises free of charge to set up these centers. This unity, along with a high degree of public adherence to the Covid-19 protocol and Bhutan’s well-developed response mechanism, has prevented a larger coronavirus epidemic. Moreover during Covid-19 Bhutan vaccination time, all the Bhutanese cooperated without any hitch.

All levels of society in Bhutan, from the monarch to the average Bhutanese, displayed this sense of unity. In a country where the monarchy is still revered, King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck established a special relief fund in April of last year, distributing over million dollars to individuals afflicted by the virus. He has also overseen Bhutan’s preparation by traveling widely throughout the difficult nation, particularly to border areas.



FAQ on Bhutan Covid-19

Q1: What are vaccination levels like in Bhutan?

Bhutan Covid Vaccination Level
Bhutan Covid Vaccination Chart

Bhutan had one of the most effective immunization campaigns in the world. It was meticulously organized, with two mass vaccination dates for March and July. As of early January 2022, 77 percent of Bhutanese people had gotten one dose of vaccination, while 74 percent of the population had received all three doses and 97.5% eligible citizens are vaccinated .

A booster campaign has also been launched throughout the country, first targeting the elderly and people with underlying illnesses.

Watch Bhutan Vaccination Cooperation from the citizens below

Q2: Do I need to be fully vaccinated to get into Bhutan?

No, you do not need to be completely vaccinated, but you must quarantine in any case. It is also important to check the vaccination strategies with the functionalities to be balanced properly. For fully vaccinated passengers, it is 5 days, while for non-vaccinated travelers, it is 10 days.


Q3: What tests do I have to take to get into Bhutan?

As per the proof of the RTPCR Negative report from a competent laboratory completed within 72 hours of departure to Bhutan is required to prove that you don’t have COVID. There are no tests available since you must quarantine according to the instructions above.


Q4: Do I have to quarantine on arrival in Bhutan?

Yes, it would help if you were quarantined upon arrival in Bhutan — fully vaccinated travelers must quarantine for 5 days, while non-vaccinated travelers must quarantine for 10 days. You are quarantined in motels provided by the government. Once the Bhutan Covid protocol is relaxed, it would be updated here.

Bhutan Covid
Bhutan Vaccination

Q5: When is Bhutan going to open for tourists?

The  latest press release (March 12,2022), by the Government states

“Starting April 25, 2022 quarantine period for international travelers who are fully vaccinated, with RT-PCR negative certificate will be reduced to five days. Those who are unvaccinated will have to undergo quarantine for 10 days”

However we feel that the Covid Protocol may ease up by fall 2022. As soon as we hear anything ,we will update   with the newest information on tourist returns in Bhutan .

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Q6: Reopening of flights in Bhutan


Bhutan Flights Opening

According to BBS News, Drukair will restart commercial passenger flights to India by mid-October, after signing an Air Travel Bubble Agreement between Bhutan and India last month. Because international flights are still halted due to the epidemic, the agreement permits planes between the two nations to operate under stringent restrictions.

In Bhutan, there are just a few repatriation and cargo flights available. Flights, which have their own stringent covid safety measures, are ready to accommodate once the government announces the resumption of tourism in Bhutan and if there is a need without going into loss. Once the government declares the reopening of tourism, updated flight schedules will be published here.

Q7: Covid-19 Protocols for tourist visiting Bhutan

Bhutan Covid Protocol

We follow some of the current protocols, such as a 21-day strict mandatory quarantine, mandatory testing, 50 percent vehicle capacity, no public gatherings, no festival gatherings, frequent hand washing, wearing hand gloves, mandatory safe face mask, temperature check, frequent sanitizing and disinfection. Still, we have yet to receive official protocols required for tourists visiting Bhutan. Once we obtain it and once the protocol is relaxed, we will post it here.

Q8. Bhutan Covid 19 Present Scenario

Covid-19 Present Scenario

As on 10th Jan 2022, Bhutan has 145 active COVID-19 cases , 2654 has recovered and 3 death. 

Q9. How Safe is to visit Bhutan?

Bhutan has shown to be a true success story, with the Indian subcontinent’s lowest reported occurrences of Coronavirus.

It has been fortunate so far. Bhutan has weathered the storm successfully, with only a few COVID-19 cases. An obvious outcome of a successful national endeavor led by His Majesty The King and supported by the Bhutanese. 

Bhutan the Best place to visit in 2022

Q10. Reason why you should visit Bhutan in 2022 , in the time of Covid-19

The world is experiencing an unprecedented scale of health, social and economic disruption in the wake up Covid-19 pandemic. Almost entire world is in lockdown, grappling with the pandemic and its disastrous impacts. Despite many challenges, Bhutan has been exemplary in the way it has responded to the pandemic, putting people’s health and well being above everything else. Here we present 5 reason , on why you should visit Bhutan  in 2022 or is the best place to be in during this extraordinary times.

1. A Compassionate Society

Bhutan has a strong sense of community. Everyone takes care of each other in ,especially of those in need. The Bhutanese stand united as one people under its king, whose selfless leadership inspires and brings about best in all Bhutanese. Even when a non-Bhutanese was diagnosed as Bhutan’s patient zero, the whole nation bore him no ill will and instead prayed for steady recovery.

2. Exemplary Leadership

Happiness is a place called Bhutan where GNH is truly the way & essence of life; where people live in harmony with nature and spirituality, where the leaders walk the talk; where king fearlessly & selflessly leads with love & compassion in this deadly war against Covid-19. Because of this, Bhutan has no equivalent or competition even as we wage the war against the Covid-19. Bhutan is simply the best place to visit in 2022 .

Bhutan best place to visit in 2022

3. A Natural Safe Haven

Bhutan is ‘The Last Shangrila’-a paradise on earth. Our geo-location keeps us physically isolated from the rest of the world, thus making us a natural ‘Safe-Haven’; the best place to be in 2022. The safe haven is not by chance. It is a result of a definite design and deliberate decision of the leadership of our peerless monarchs. Since 1970’s, guided by philosophy of GNH and ‘High Value, Low Volume’ tourism policy; Bhutan cautiously opened up its paradise to its visitors. Today in wake of Covid-19 holding the world prisoner, we realize how blesses we are to be in Bhutan. So those looking for meaningful connection and experience, Bhutan would be a gift.

Bhutan will surely welcome with open arms but always guided by time tested golden tourism policy.

4.  A Carbon Negative Country

Bhutan is land of happiness and the world’s first carbon negative country. It is a place imbued with positive energy. This could heal & eliminate the main cause of disease by purifying our mind & subsequently our body. Bhutan is the best place where we can feel the sensation of being reborn & rejuvenated.

Best place to visit in 2022

5. The Silver Lining Outlook

The positivity, solidarity and resilience demonstrated by Bhutanese from all walks of life during the crisis; makes Bhutan the best place to be in 2022. Bhutanese are using the crisis to create opportunities in farming and construction. So as to create employment opportunities for people who have lost their jobs. Bhutanese camaraderie is all focused on coming out of the crisis even stronger & better. And this makes Bhutan the best place to visit in 2022.

Bhutan, the best place to visit in 2022

If you want any further information on Bhutan Covid-19 or on traveling to Bhutan. You can contact Bhutan Inbound Team.


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