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COMO Uma Paro

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COMO Uma Paro is conveniently located just a few kilometres from Paro town, making it ideal for exploring Bhutan's hidden gems. You may find the best Bhutan luxury accommodation to stay peacefully.

COMO Hotels and Resorts are recognized worldwide for their clean-lined modern style. Nine private villas and 20 luxury rooms mix the colourful highlights of traditional Bhutanese handicrafts with the clean-lined contemporary design for which COMO Hotels &Resorts are known. The end product is a luxury resort that is both distinctive and authentic. A stay at COMO Uma Paro allows you to immerse yourself in Bhutan's rich culture while also enjoying the pleasures of a COMO resort.

Explore the sights of Bhutan's Buddhist countryside or remain close to home at the Bhutan spa, where you may learn about the peaceful essence of Ayurveda. A visit to COMO Uma Paro is a spiritual journey that will energize your body and mind.

Location: (Paro )
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COMO Uma Paro
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