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Dhensa Boutique Resort- Punakha

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Dhensa Boutique Resort is located in the beautiful and scenic Punakha Valley. It overlooks the Punakha River and hundreds of paddy fields that stair-step down to the valley level. Surrounded by dense pine trees, this Bhutan luxury accommodation is one of the most preferred and aesthetic resorts. There are several walking trails and interesting villages to explore surrounding it.

Food that nourishes and nurtures — unabashedly simple. The basic pleasures in life are celebrated in Dhensa Boutique Punakha. One can choose from a selection of Western classics, traditional Asian favorites, and Bhutanese specialties. If you appreciate spa treatments, Dhensa Boutique Resort is the place to go. Also, get eloped in the culinary dining of this hotel. If you want to book the accommodation, then contact us for more information.

Location: (Punakha )
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Dhensa Boutique Resort- Punakha
Dhensa Boutique Dhensa Boutique Punakha