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Bhutan Food

While on a trip to Bhutan, you have to try Bhutan food. Food is an important part of the traveling experience, and a trip to Bhutan is never complete without trying out its distinguished strong-flavored "Bhutan Village Food". While rice forms a major part of Bhutanese food, rice combined with emadatsi (chili with cheese curry) is perhaps the most famous of all Bhutanese cuisine. Chilis are an integral component of practically every dish in Bhutan, and they are regarded so crucial that most Bhutanese would refuse to eat a meal without them. 

Bhutan Food also consists of meat items such as shakam paa (dried beef with optional vegetables such as radish, potatoes, etc), shakam datsi (dried beef with cheese), sikam paa (pork with vegetables), Jasha Maru (Spicy chicken stew), etc. 

Some of the unique Bhutan Village Food are


  • A culinary delight from Haa 

Hoentoe is by far the most delectable dish originating from the exotic valley of Haa. A trip to Haa, a one-hour pleasant drive from Paro, is incomplete without savoring this local delicacy. The people of Haa, known as the Haaps in the local language service this traditional dish during Lomba- Your festival celebrated in Haa and Paro.

Hoentoe is a buckwheat dumpling stuffed with an assortment of ingredients that include dried spinach or turnip leaves, cottage cheese, butter, perilla seeds, ginger, and cloves of garlic. More ingredients, the better. Hoentoe can be steamed or fried. Hoentoes are usually eaten with exact, chili paste Made from Local dried chilies.


Khurle is a traditional buckwheat pancake, a local specialty of the picturesque valley of Bumthang in central Bhutan. Ideally served as a Bhutanese breakfast food, khurle is usually eaten with main dishes like emadatsi ( chili and cheese curry), shaman datsi ( dried beef with cheese), or ezay, a chili paste made from dried chilies, and a cup of homemade suja (butter tea).

Khurle is also served during lunch and dinner. Khurle is also made out of barley and wheat flour. This spongy-textured pancake is highly nutritious and per for cold climates.


A homemade flat noodles delicacy 

Jangbali is a Traditional Bhutanese homemade buckwheat flat noodles with seasoning that originated in Bumthang valley. An opportunity to discover unique foods and flavors 

Based on the primary nine grains of Bhutan, Bhutan food includes many unique flavors and ingredients such as wild foraged bitter cane (with repeatedly blood-purifying properties) as well as a range of fermented and preserved foods believed to have powerful “ good-for-the-gut(no pun intended) properties 

When you are in Bhutan be sure to try some authentic Bhutanese food to complete your Bhutan trip. The following are the top places where you can try Bhutan Food.