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Bumthang And Trongsa (800 - 5,400m )

Bumthang's fascinating valley is the spiritual heartland of the nation and home to some of the oldest Buddhist temples and monasteries. The valley is famous for the production of honey, cheese, apples, and the yathra (woolen materials).

Trongsa, the sacred and temporal heart of the country is a two-day journey from Thimphu. Situated in central Bhutan, it was once the seat of power over central and eastern regions. Both the first and second kings of Bhutan ruled the country from this ancient seat and it is customary for the crown prince to serve as the Trongsa Penlop (“governor”) prior to ascending the throne.

Top 8 interesting facts about Bumthang and Trongsa, Bhutan

  1. Bumthang is known for its ancient buildings
  2. Bumthang is a place of mysticism
  3. The place is also known for extreme sports
  4. Trongsa is famous as 'the center of Bhutan'
  5. Ura Valley is the Highest Point of Bumthang
  6. Bee farming is a major thing
  7. The towns offer have multiple recreation park
  8. Bumthang has its own brewery

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