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Kenchogsum Lhakhang :

Kenchogsum Lhakhang meaning The Temple of Three Jewels.

It is one of the earliest Buddhist temples in Bhutan. Tibetan EmperorTrisong Duetsen upon the instruction of Guru Rinpoche in the 9th century first built the temple for the propagation of Dharma and Promulgation of peace and prosperity beyond the southern borders of his empire, which is currently Bhutan.

Guru Rinpoche himself visited Bumthang to design the temple and performed auspicious consecration ceremony. He has also hidden several treasure texts & relics that were later discovered by Terton Boenpo Draksal and Pema Lingpa. Later in 1979, Pema Lingpa renovated the temple fulfilling Padmasambhava's prophecy regarding the future prosperity of the temple. 

To the despair of the Bhutanese and alike, the temple was destroyed by fire in 2010. However, to the solace of all, the sacred relics were only partially damaged. With support from the Royal Government of Bhutan and the people, the temple was restored to all its glory. 

The bright and colorful structure that can be seen today is the new temple that houses the old temple inside, in its originality with the main relic that includes the statue of the Buddhas of the Three times which is believed to have flown from Kusumphel, Kurtoe. This is how the name of the temple "Kenchogsummeaning Three Jewel" was derived due to the presence of the Three statue. Another sacred relic preserved is a large bell, which is believed to have been offered by Nagas to Guru Rinpoche during the foundation laying ceremony of the temple. The offering site today is located inside the main hall of the new temple. 

Kenchosum Lhakhang Bumthang