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Mebar Tsho (Burning Lake) :

It is a sacred lake for the Bhutanese. In order to convince the skeptics and cynics, Terton Pema Lingpa , a trasure revealer, jumped ito the lake with burning butter lamp in his hand. When he came out of the pool , he did so with sacred religious treasures hidden by Guru Rinpoche and butter lamp still burning. Thus this fresh water lake which is located in Tang, Bumthang valley was therefore called Maebartsho or the burning lake.

The path to lake is lined with prayer flags and ends up above the Gorge where the river forms a pool before it rushes on. Images of Pema Lingpa and his two sons are carved  on a rock here. You may get tempted to peer in to see if you can get lucky enough to make a discovery yourself  but please dont fall in.

If magic is real, and Bhutan is where it can be found.

The Burning Lake Tang Mebar Tsho Bumthang The Burning Lake at Bumthang