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Pubs & Nightlife in Bhutan

It’s no Rio De Janerio, but Bhutan Nightlife does have a charm of its own. Urban towns also have a good number of cozy pubs, restaurants, and bars where you can have your dinner and while away time at your own pace. Singing enthusiasts have karaoke joints to go to. And for the more energetic - nightlife in Thimphu or nightlife in Paro Bhutan can be fun at various discotheques where people dance to the tunes of the latest best-selling music numbers.

The magnificence of this little nation is eclipsed by its monasteries, but the sensational entertainment is well-known to the local people. Nonetheless, it does not leave any stone untouched. After touring the serene monasteries, make your way for a taste of amusing relaxation.

If you think visiting nightlife in Bhutan would be boring, you're mistaken. Bhutan has a variety of clubs, pubs, music rooms, and bars in addition to monasteries and religious sites. So, don't you want to check out for yourself?

When you are planning to enjoy your nightlife in Bhutan, start the programs and the culture of Bhutan along with the inbuilt plans in a continuous process. It is also necessary to party hard after working hard. So, start planning the functionalities of Bhutan nightlife with your loved ones along with the vitalities of the party life in your area.

The nightlife of every place has some stories. In Bhutan also there is a mesmerizing nightlife with epic functionalities. It is also important to deal with various types of functions related to party culture in Bhutan.

There are various places to mingle with locals like the Mojo Park, Tiger Pub, Om Bar, Viva City, or Space 34 to check out the nightlife in Thimphu Bhutan. And if you are at Paro then you can visit The Taktsang, Khamsa, The Park 76 or Namgay Artisinal Brewery to see the vibrant Nightlife in Paro Bhutan or enjoy drinks.  You can drink Bhutan’s famous Hit Beer or Druk 11,000.

You will find out Bhutan is not all about mountains and monasteries. If you are interested in an evening out exploring the pubs, bars or checking out the nightlife in Bhutan here are some of the tips to immerse yourself into a fun night out.