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Viva City

If you want to spend your night dancing, and hopping under the neon illuminations, then you can’t miss Viva City in the core of Thimphu town. It is the best place to check out Bhutan’s Nightlife. Viva City is meant for fun lovers.

 It’s the place where the dissenting beginners, aficionados, and party-goers come to spend their weekend night in a fun-loving manner. It is positioned just overhead the taxi parking area and city bus of Thimphu.  You can find almost everything over here- right from the delicious food,  cool and calm music to the world-famous dance .

If you are not so much for dancing, then you can chill outside, in the airy atmosphere with BonFire. The open area to chill is beautifully set along with the best of the drink & food. Or you can always visit the adjacent room to the Viva City discotheque, where world-class music is played by the local artists and bands.

The discotheque is open only on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. There is good news for the Ladies as they get free entry for themselves on Wednesday.

Viva City