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Wangduephodrang Valley (Altitude: 500 - 5,400m )

Wangduephodrang is one of the largest Dzongkhags (districts) in Bhutan with a population of only 28,000. With an area of 4,308 sq km and altitude ranging 500-5400, it has extremely varied climatic conditions ranging from Subtropical forests in the south to cool and snowy regions in the north. It is one of the least visited tourist destinations and the higher parts of this region are full of green pasture ideal for cattle to graze on. The Phobjikha valley is known for the endangered black-necked cranes that visit the valley in winter. The Athang village in Wangdue District is famous for textiles such as the Adang Khamar, Adang Rachu, and Adang Mathra. 

This Bajo town is located south of Punakha and is the last town before central Bhutan. The district is famous for its fine bamboo work, slate, and stone carving. 


Top 10 Interesting Facts about Wangduephodrang:

  1. The Scenic Phohbjikha valley falls under the Wangduephodrang district. 
  2. The Bajo town is called as "matchbox town"
  3. Wangduephodrang is an important gateway to the far-flung corner of Bhutan.
  4. The district also presents rich ethnic and linguistic Mosaic
  5. More than 40 Species of mammals,391 species of birds are found in the valley of Wangduephodrang
  6. The rare and protected birds like the black-necked crane, the white-bellied heron, and spotted Eagle are found here. 
  7. The place is ideal for bird-watching.
  8. You can visit the country's largest national park (area-wise)here.
  9. Wangduephodrang is famous for stone carvings
  10. It's the only place that celebrates Black Necked Crane Festival

Here are some of the best places to visit while you are in Wangduephodrang.