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Crane Information Centers :

Crane Information Center of the Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN) has all the information displayed about the endangered black-necked crane and its rich environment of Phibjikha valley.

The Black Necked Cranes commonly known as "thrung thrung karm" has a sacred identity in the Bhutanese Culture. It is often cited in folklore, dances, and other historical texts. The crane festival is organized by the local communities in Phobjikha which reinforces the importance of these birds in the lives of the local people.

The best time to visit Gangtey,  is in the winter months, especially November, when the Black-necked Crane Festival is held at the courtyard of Gangtey Goenpa, with local songs and masked dances celebrating the coming of Black Necked Crane.

Black Necked Crane Crane Information Centers