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Classical Cultural Tour

The Bhutan Classic Cultural Tour lets you see Bhutan with different and vibrant eyes; you will experience the vivid culture of the localities while moving with them. This tour covers the major places of attraction in Bhutan: Thimphu,Paro,Punakha & Gangtey. Starting from Paro, known for the various religious sites including the famous Tiger Nest,the tour proceeds to ‘U’ shaped- Gangtey valley via Thimpu, where you can soak yourself in its scenic grandeur.

You can take hikes through forest, try out a traditional hot stone bath with the game of Archery, eat a lunch by river side, meet the local familes & have farm dinner surrounded by hills and its latticed pattern. Try a white water rafting or meet a monk at the hilltop.

All these will definitely give you the feel of Bhutan’s rich and diverse Cultural heritage.

Package Details :

Duration : 06 Nights / 07 Days .

Destination Covered : Thimphu- Dochu La- Phobjikha- Punakha- Paro .

Day 01: Arrive At Paro And  Drive To Thimphu (55kms/1.5hours)

The flight into Bhutan takes you close to the great Himalayas, offering dazzling scenic views of some of the world’s highest glacial peaks. If you get a seat on the left side of the plane and the weather cooperates, you may have spectacular views of the eastern Himalayas including Cho Oyu, Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, and Kanchenjunga—five of the highest peaks in the world—as well as peaks in Bhutan such as Jhomolhari, Jichu Drakye, and Tsering Kang. You can see the highest peaks of the world. As you enter Paro valley, you will sweep past forested hills with the silvery Pa Chhu (Paro river) meandering down the valley below. Paro Dzong (fortress) and Ta Dzong (watchtower) on the hills above the town will be a fine sight.

Discover the majestic mountains speckled with sacred temples and monasteries on your journey from Paro to Thimphu.

  • On the way, stop at Tachog Lhakhang (the Iron Chain Bridge), a temple located across the famous iron chain bridge built by Tibetan bridge builder Thangtong Gyelpo ,over the meandering Pa Chhu (Paro River). Devour yourself to the invigorating ambience of the cool-sweeping breeze and bright colored prayer flags. The whole set up a feast to the eye.

  • Visit National Memorial Chorten: The building of this landmark was envisaged by the third king, His Majesty Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, as a monument to world peace and prosperity. Completed in 1974 after his untimely death, it is both a memorial to the Late King (”the father of modern Bhutan “) and a monument to world peace. It is a four-storey tall white building, containing statues and iconography of deities from complex tantric teachings. The paintings and statues inside the monument provide a deep insight into Buddhist philosophy. The temple serves as an important place of worship for all Bhutanese.

  • Evening visit Tashichho Dzong the impressive fortress which houses the secretariat building, the throne room of His Majesty the King and various government offices. It is also the summer residence of the Chief Abbot and central monk body. Witness the Flag lowering ceremony before you enter the Dzong.

Overnight: Hotel in Thimphu


Day 02: Explore Thimphu Valley

  • Buddha Dordenma: After a hearty breakfast drive up to the vibrant Buddha Dordema statue to the early morning sunrise. Apart from the serenity of the place the view of the Thimphu city from this mountain is gorgeous.
  • Visit the Takin sanctuary at Motithang to gaze upon Takin, the National animal of Bhutan. 

    The Takin, a large shaggy hoofed mammal, is closely related to the musk ox - so designated due to its prominent place in a popular Bhutanese myth from the 15th century .Drive further upwards towards Sangaygang where will have wonderful views of the Thimphu Valley from the hillside below the telecommunications tower (elevation 2685m), high above the town. 

  • After lunch, drive to visit the National Institute for Zorig Chusum. It is also commonly known as Arts and crafts school or painting school. The institute offers a course ranging from 4 to 6 years on the 13 traditional arts and crafts of Bhutan.
  • Visit Folk Heritage Museum.
  • General Post Office where you can make a postage stamp with your own picture which can be posted within Bhutan.
  • In the evening if not tired, visit local farm market, Immerse in a sensory experience at the Thimphu Weekend Farmer’s market before visiting the local archery ground where the locals celebrate the national sport of archery with dance and song with every hit.

Overnight: Hotel in Thimphu.

Day 03: Thimphu- Phobjikha (134kms/6hours)

Drive up to Dochu-la pass (3,088m/10,130ft) stopping briefly here to take in the view and admire the 108 Chortens, Mani wall, and prayer flags which decorate the highest point on the road.

If skies are clear, the high Himalayan peaks towards the north east will be revealed in all their glory. On a clear day, the following peaks can be seen from this pass (left to right): Masagang (7,158m), Tsendegang (6,960m), Terigang (7,060m), Jejegangphugang (7,158m), Kangphugang (7,170m), Zongaphugang (7,060m) a table mountain that dominates the isolated region of Lunana, and finally, Gangkar Puensum, the highest peak in Bhutan at 7,497m.

Sip a cup of steaming coffee at the cafeteria while enjoying the mesmerizing panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges.

Set out to the beautiful alpine valley of Phobjikha. Observe the vegetation change from pine to alpine zone. The valley is popular for its scenic splendor and cultural uniqueness. Phobjikha is well known as the winter home of the Black-Necked Cranes (Grus Nigricollis), that migrate from the Tibetan plateau. The birds can be observed from early November to end of March.

  • Upon arrival at Phobjikha valley visit 17th century Gangtey Monastery overlooking the gorgeous Phobjikha Valley. Take pictures of the monks with the exquisite carving and sculpture of the monastery. 

  • Visit the Crane Information Center.

  • Listen to the bell calling the monks to the temple and you can also participate in morning/evening prayer with the monks at the Gangtey monastery.

Enjoy the tranquil environment of Phobjikha valley

Overnight at a hotel in Phobjikha.

Day 04: Gangtey- Punakha (78kms/3hours)

In the morning, hike from your hotel to Gangtey Monastery. The most beautiful and shortest of the existing nature trails in Bhutan. The trail hike starts from Khewa Lhakhang and ends at the Mani (like Chorten) stone wall to the north of the Gangtey Gonpa. The hike takes about 1hr 30minutes through the pine forest and small bamboo plants. You can see the Phobjikha valley so beautifully from this hike. It is one of the best hiking places for the Nature lovers. During the winter months, we can see the endangered species of birds–Black Neck Cranes. (1.5 hours)

Drive towards Punakha:

  • Visit Punakha Dzong, a massive structure built at the junction of two rivers. Punakha was Bhutan’s capital until 1955 and Punakha Dzong still serves as the winter residence of the central monk body. Bhutan’s first king, Ugyen Wangchuck, was crowned here in 1907. The fortress has withstood damage from fire, earthquake and flood over the centuries. The latest flood, in October, 1994, caused great damage to the fortress but miraculously spared its most holy statue.
  • Pho Chhu Suspension Bridge - The 160 meters Pho Chhu Suspension Bridge is known for the longest suspension bridge in Bhutan, which gives you spectacular views of Punakha Dzong and the Pho Chhu Valley.

Overnight at your hotel in Punakha.

Day 05: Punakha- Paro (130kms/5hours)

Drive towards Paro and on the way stop at Lamperi Botanical garden.

  • Visit Namgay Artisanal Brewery where they brew many styles of beers considering the different drinking palates for taste, making sure that all beer-lovers are satisfied. This added to the innovative nature of craft brewers all over the world have taken the market by storm, allowing them always to brew something new.  
  • Evening free or can visit the Paro town with a street of typical Bhutanese traditional buildings.

Overnight at your Hotel in Paro

Day 06: Hike to the Tigers Nest Monastery (4-6hours)

Get your energy up at breakfast this morning to hike up to the iconic Taktsang Monastery. Venture through the pristine surroundings of the Tiger’s Nest monastery. Be rewarded to an overwhelming sight monastery resting on edge of a cliff at 900 meters above Paro valley.

Tigers Nest Monastery or Taktsang Goemba is one of the holiest and the most beautiful sites of Bhutan and acquires its name from the legend of its foundation, when in the 8th Century Guru Rinpoche, widely revered as the second Buddha, arrived at this place from Tibet flying across the mountains on the back of a tigress and blessed the entire place.

On your way back visit the Kichu monastery. It is the one of the oldest and the first ever Buddhist monastery to be built in Bhutan. It was built in the 8th century

Overnight at hotel in Paro

Day 07: Departure

Our team will drop you to the airport and bid you farewell.


Classic Bhutan Cultural Tour Map

Bhutan Classic Cultural Tour Map

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5.0 / 6 Reviews


Never had a greater experience as much as we did with this tour company. Proprietor Thinley was always quick to respond to any changes in our plans or inquiries. ALWAYS accommodating with our needs.

There were 3 of us women travelling and we took a 7 night package. My 2 important things that had to be on our itin were to witness a festival and to climb the Tiger's Nest.....and we got MORE than what we bargained for; add the culture, the teachings of Buddhism, sharing of our personal views on family, politics, religion, culture, traditions and more from our guide Dorji and chauffeur Jigme was an eye opener. They provided us with such insights on Bhutan and its GNH, Gross National Happiness.

We started in Thimpu, then to Gangtey, then witnessed 2 days' worth of the Punakha festival, and finally Paro for THE climb!

But before I go into details, let me first tell you about Dorji and Jigme. They were very courteous, professional, accommodating and assisted in every way. We played our favorite tunes (they were well versed in western music!) and we sang along on every ride! I had to ask Jigme to stop the van once Bruce Sprinsteen's song "Dancing in the Dark" came along so we could all dance...and danced we did right on the shoulder side of the road between Punakha to Paro! What a riot!

As for Thinley and , they're most gracious in making the time to meet with us over tea/coffee. They gave us souvenirs of Bhutan and lent us costumes to boot, which we wore the first day of the festival.

As for the country and its people, need I say more, except that it's beautiful and so its people! The trip to Gangtey on zigzag road that just kept going higher and higher to see mountain after mountain, visiting temples which each had a character of its own, a Bhutanese meal at a family's farmhouse, a sip of their local wine, a bite of their dried yak cheese, seeing Nomads tending to their yaks, loud barking dogs into the night, the obvious equality between men and women (women as bellhops, lugging our heavy suitcases from the car to our rooms), crossing suspension bridges, hanging a set of prayer flags midway to Tiger's Nest, seeing men, women and children in their festival's best attires, being at the bottom of the biggest sitting Buddha and feeling small, having a candlelight dinner because our lodging had a blackout and it was at the coldest place but warmed in thick blankets, seeing black-neck cranes fly over us, eating mostly vegetable dishes due to their no-meat month, but some lodgings offered chicken dishes, seeing the King and Queen and their son's photos all over the country, spinning prayer wheels small and gigantic, dipping ourselves in a hot stone bath (not massage, but BATH), and being seniors, Dorji and Jigme helped us on our climb to the Tiger's Nest with bottles of water and a helping hand here and there up and down the path.....I can go on and on, but this was Bhutan we learned to love, live with and live in.

7 nights enough? Yes, to get a feel of the country and its people. Can you see more? Yes, indeed. Our trip was concentrated in the western part of Bhutan and from reading the DrukAir magazine articles, there's plenty more to see/do/experience in the country!

The country has zero carbon and seems to be progressive in sustaining its environment to continue to be healthy. Although its people (at least in the bigger towns/cities), one can see the westernization. I hope with that, their GNH will not be compromised.

Kudos to Bhutan Best Inbound for a memory of a lifetime, my sincere thanks and love (yes, you will love them by the end of the tour) to Thinley,  Dorji and Jigme!! We miss you and hope our paths will cross sometime, somewhere! God bless you!


Marita Simpson

Unforgettable journey thru Bhutan!!!!

Words cannot express the hospitality we received throughout our tour of Bhutan. Our driver Jigme (I call him Jimmy 😊) and tour guide Dorji were the most wonderful guides I have ever encountered in all my travels! They were so kind, accommodating, generous, helpful, knowledgeable and a lot of FUN to be with!!!
They basically spoiled us and made us feel very SPECIAL. They made sure we were always comfortable and enjoying ourselves. While driving thru Bhutan, we would sing along with the music in the van as well as stop the van to dance on the side of the road. We had so much fun with them!!!

Thinley who operates this tour is very warm, friendly and welcoming!!! They did a fantastic job with our itinerary.
They gave us traditional Bhutanese dresses to wear to the huge cultural festival in Punakha. What a unique experience to walk around in these native dresses and witness this beautiful colorful festival. I can’t thank you enough for the most unforgettable adventure in Bhutan.
We love the people, the breathtaking landscapes, the hike to Tiger’s Nest, hot stone bath, charming hotels and so much more!!!
Dorji and Jimmy, a very special thank you to both of you!!! You’re one in a million! You gave us your FIVE-STAR SERVICE by going ABOVE AND BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY!! I miss you Both already ... may our paths cross in the future. My sincere gratitude!!!


Ratan D

6 days Visit to Bhutan

Trip to Bhutan was a mesmerizing experience for me and my family. I have visited places like Paro, Phunaka, Thimpu where we have seen many monasteries, fortresses (or dzongs) and dramatic landscapes.
Taktsang Monastery and Tiger Nest were most attractive to see. Bhutan in-bound team was thoroughly helpful for every instance that we had.


Amazing Bhutan- Amazing People- Amazing Tour Company

The whole Bhutan trip was organized by my wife and I must say that she did a perfect job in finding Bhutan Best Inbound Tour in carrying out our tour. We couldn't have asked for anything better.

Our guide ( Mr. Phurba) was amazing with keen attention to all our needs and carried a very positive vibes with smile. Our driver Mr. Pema was an expert on the mountainous roads.

We had an amazing 7 nights 8 days stay and covered the following places:
Thimphu- Punakha- Gangtey and Paro.
My own personal favorite is Gangtey valley and during our time of visit we could even witness the giant majestic bird popularly called as Black Necked Crane. The place looks magical like God realm; scenic & soul nourishing. However, I need to mention that in case you are planning to visit Gangtey bring tons of clothes, it is very cold as we were there in winter. Luckily we were well prepared as Mr. Thinley had properly briefed us on dos and don'ts while visiting Bhutan.

It was also nice meeting Thinley and his wife briefly over a coffee in Thimphu.
The company really knows how to prioritize the guest and their needs.

They definitely deserve unreserved 5-star. Highly recommended.

Valentyna Berndorff
Czech republic

Believe in fairytales

I have spent an unforgettable magical 8 days in Bhutan. Apart from a fantastically arranged itinerary from the Bhutan Best Inbound Tour that reflected and tailor-made the trip as per all my requests, wishes (and much more), I couldn’t wish for a better company than my caring, attentive, informative and top professional guide Phurba Tshering and driver Dorji. I had a chance to experience Bhutanese traditions, unique architecture, local hospitality, Buddhist offerings, festival atmosphere, and many more fairytale-like surprises. Bhutan and the tour exceeded my expectations, and I couldn’t recommend the visit more - a 5* rating is not enough. Thank you, Thinley, Phurba, Dorji and all the team of Bhutan Best Inbound Tour. I will surely be back one day! Best, V.


Perfect Introduction to Bhutan

My wife and I tailored our trip to extend it by one extra night, and Mr. Thinley and the team tweaked the itinerary to suit our personal interests and plans. Each item on the itinerary was designed to give us the best possible experience and to maximise our time in Bhutan. On a personal note the team at this agency moved heaven and Earth for my wife and I when, due to an unforseen circumstance, we were unable to fly on the day of our flight. It was not their fault, yet they changed our flights, visas and pushed back the dates of our visit at no extra charge to us, just to ensure we were able to make this trip, which is beyond extraordinary service.

The hotels they booked us into were always really good, with great staff and delicious food that they were often happy to tailor to our own preferences (my wife is vegetarian but still wished to try as much Bhutanese food as possible). Several even came with some of the best views I've ever had from a hotel.

Our tour guides, Phurba and Pema were amazing. Always flexible with times and full of information about Bhutan and life there. They were very informative and great fun, it was a pleasure to spend 6 days with them and they ensured we always enjoyed ourselves and got the absolute most from our time in Bhutan.

"As mentioned above this local travel specialist offer absolutely phenomenal service. Their customer care is second to none and the tour they planned for my wife and I was exceptional. We are already looking to return to Bhutan and would consider no one else to travel with. I can't recommend them highly enough."