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5-star All Inclusive Luxury Stay

Bhutan Luxury Accommodation- The Best 5* Hotels in Bhutan

Bhutan-the hidden jewel of the Himalayas- is equal parts myth and reality; cloud and shroud; lofty heights and soulful depths. The Magic of Bhutan is revealed in all its scenic and artistic glory in the embrace of its world class all inclusive property like Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary , Aman Kora or Six Sense.They have a chain of small high quality resorts in the pristine countryside for the high end visitors. And regarded as the best 5 star hotels in Bhutan.

These best 5 star hotels in Bhutan are in line with the Tourism policy of high value and low impact. The resorts also serve to heighten Bhutan's reputation among guests. Active couples or families who enjoy yoga, hiking, bicycling, Archery and hot stone spas will love these Bhutan Luxury accomodations.