Bhutan Cycling Trip

Bhutan Cycling Trip

Bhutan cycling trip or mountain biking can be adventurous and fun for the bikers who love to enjoy biking  in the mountains. Bhutan’s aesthetic mountainous scenery is ideal for both on-road and off-road mountain biking, and the activity is growing in popularity among visitors and Bhutanese alike . Challenge yourself at the highest level and at the highest points in the world at many mountain passes in your Bhutan Cycling Tour. Check out the kind of Bhutan Cycling trip you are looking for . We have it all. Be it a day cycling tour on paved road or toughest cycling race (The Tour of the Dragon) where the high rising ridges almost kisses the skies.

Bhutan Cycling Trip
Bhutan Cycling Trip

 Type of Bhutan Cycling Tour

You may ride a bike with your companions and apply for a race if you are a trained biker. Bhutan Inbound plays a great role in dealing with various types of biking scenarios that you can enjoy in the landscapes of Bhutan.

Several riding routes are accessible, ranging from easy rides on paved roads to difficult off-road dirt paths that snake through proper terrain. The great activity provides a level of closeness to the environment rarely found in cars.

Biking is becoming a distinctive and original method of experiencing and connecting with the nation, people, and Bhutanese environment, with improved roads replacing the old and rising off-road roads.

Biking in Paro
Photo Courtesy: Tour of the Dragon Race

 Mountain Biking in Bhutan

The majority of riding rides take place on well-paved roads, but others take place on dirt roads and trails with the mountain biking in Bhutan. The experience is still quite intimate because the traffic is still fairly minimal. If the more adventurous want, they can take side trips for further “off-the-beaten-path” adventures.

Day Biking in Bhutan on Paved Road

Depending on the major riding style and expertise, the trails can handle most sorts of frames, including MTB, Hybrid, and Road. It’s just you, your bike, the tour group, and the rural and natural beauty on most biking paths, which meander through tiny towns, villages, and rural regions of Bhutan.

There are also various tough  cycling trip in Bhutan which involves climbing. Some difficult Bhutan Cycling Trip, includes 1. Divine Madman Trail 2.Tour of a Dragon. You sell the pads over two miles (3,400 metres) above sea level. Your efforts are rewarded with a stunning vista and a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Riders must be physically fit, have sufficient stamina, and have sufficient mountain riding experience in biking in Bhutan.

Mountain Biking in Bhutan
Mountain Biking in Bhutan

Tours are accompanied by a vehicle that provides complete support. Riders can work for the break with the vehicle if needed. Many of Bhutan’s bicycle paths pass past tiny villages and temples, which may provide entertaining and educational diversions if you need a break from the tourist spots. With your biker group, you may go mountain riding in Bhutan. You might also look at other riding destinations to visit, such as:

Punakha Biking Trail

The Punakha biking trail stretches for a little more than 7km. It starts from Khuruthang and follows the feeder road until Samdingkha following the Pho Chhu (Male River) till the longest pedestrian suspension bridge.  The trial is mostly about 10% inclination until Punakha Dzong where the trail connects to the tarmac road.  The topography lay of the land is mostly steep exceeding 100% gradient at some stretches. After the Punakha Dzong keep following the tarmac road along the Mo Chhu river until Khuruthang where the trail ends.

Cycling in Bhutan-Tour of the Dragon

Tour of the Dragon , The hardest Bhutan Cycling Trip

Tour of the Dragon race was conceived by His Royal Highness, Prince Jigyel U. Wangchuck- President of Bhutan Olympic Committee.  He is a leading biking enthusiast and an all round sportsman himself. The race is held on the first Saturday of every September, right after the monsoons and just when autumn sets in.

The tour of the dragon is a perfect name for ride that goes up & down the spine of kingdom. From above we probably look like ants crawling along the coiled mythical dragon’s back. Billed as “The world’s Toughest Mountain Bike Race’ it truly is a beast. The route climbs muscular mountains covered with pine, fir and eventually alpine scrub. The tour plunges into deep valley and gorges cut by roaring rivers flanked by forest.

It is also one of the most challenging one-day events in the world, the race covers 268  Km of stunning Himalayan landscapes. It takes cyclist from central to Western Bhutan. The race covers elevation ranging from 1,200-3,340 meters. Much like the infamous Paris Roubaix, the tour of the Dragon is a trial that no self respecting cyclist will want to pass up.

Tour of the Dragon
Photo Courtesy: Tour of the Dragon Race
Biking in Thimphu , Day Cycling Trip in Bhutan

There are also numerous opportunities for Bhutan Mountain Biking in Thimphu, optional hikes with a bit of climbing thrown in. There are some challenging climbs with one in particular that is more than seven hours. You peddle the pads over two miles (3,400 meters) above sea level. Your effort is rewarded with a breathtaking view and an unforgettable experience. Riders should have an adequate level of fitness and stamina and be experienced enough in the art of Bhutan Mountain Biking. Tours are fully supported by a van following riders. The van allows riders to rest should they require it. Many Bhutan biking trails lead through small villages and temples which can provide interesting and informative diversions should you wish to take a break.

Day Cycling in Thimphu Bhutan
Photo Courtesy: Tour of the Dragon Race
Other Bhutan Cycling Trip

Cycling and mountain biking in Bhutan is a prevalent activity among the Bhutanese people, and the visitors too. The rough mountainous ridges of Bhutan make it ideal for on-road and off-road cycling/ biking. It is a fantastic place to try out your cycling skills through roads, across forests, over mountains, and even alongside rivers. There are a few tracks and locations that you should have a look at. Some of the popular biking routes are:

  • Chele La: A 35km no-stop cycle ride that goes downhill, it is perfect if you want to go a ‘little’ out of the box. This ride is done on both, paved roads and through forest track through Gorina.
  • Paro Valley: A smooth road-ride to the Drukgyel Dzong and round trip via the backroad of the western farms in Satsam. It is a day trip with approximately 30km of cycling.
  • Divine Madman Trail: If you think biking was an adventure spot, wait till you try this challenging Divine madman biking trail. The trail  which once was traversed by the Divine Madman Drukpa Kunley. The route connects 21 villages, each with interesting culture, flora & fauna . It takes the whole concept of biking to the next level.
Mountain Biking in Bhutan
Photo Courtesy: Tour of the Dragon Race
  • Phobjikha Trails: Associated with an initiative of the resident ecotourism this trial is a great idea to have a cycling trip on. Various turns lead to Tsele La and if taking a night halt then to Tikke Zampa.
  • Punakha: Not just one but many. There are numerous short to long cycling trails that you can checkout.
  • Tango and Cheri: Found in the northern part of Thimpu, this would need more than just cycling. It is a mixture of both cycling and hiking; though it depends upon you and your choice.
  • Thimphu to Paro: Two of the most famous cities offer a great cycling ride opportunity. You get a chance to see the local markets and greens very closely.

 Bhutan Biking Trip Itinerary below

  1. Bhutan Cycling Trip or Tour (8Night 9 Days)
  2. Motorcycle Biking Tour in Bhutan   (12 Night 13 Days)

Motor Cycle Tour in Bhutan

Summing Up

If you enjoy biking in Bhutan, you may contact with Bhutan Inbound tour so that hiking and riding can take you to the highest zeal of life. Commence the journey of exploring the mountains, rivers, and other scenic beauties with our team.

You may reach the high peaks with our tour guide. So, what are you thinking? Get your bags packed and start exploring various places with us. Get ready to go where you want whenever you want to go biking.

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