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Merak and Sakteng Home Stay

Merak and Sakteng Home Stay
Location: (Tashigang )
Starting Price(USD): Contact us for pricing and other details
Merak and Sakteng Home Stay

Situated at an altitude over 3,500 meters, the exotic valleys of Merak and Sakteng have been home to the Brokpas for centuries since their displacement from Tsona in Southern Tibet. The nomadic indigenous group of eastern Bhutan, the Brokpas seasonally moves their herds of livestock from the lower valleys in the winter to the higher pastures in the summer. Women are particularly well-known for their singing and they love to perform from their wide repertoire of festive songs dedicated to gods and goddesses, as well as the universal Themes

It would be rich experience to try out the medieval ambience of nomad lifestyles with the family of Nomads. Some popular Home stay that you can check out could be Merak Home stay at Merak and Tshering Drakpa Home stay at Sakteng are quite popular.

However you need to take a note that the facilities available will be very basic.


Merk Sakteng Home Stay