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Chorten Kora at Trasiyangtse :

Chorten Kora was built in the 18th century by Lama Ngawang Lodro. Modeled after the famous Boudhnath stupa inNepal, it tool 12 years to construct the stupa which was consecrated by Chief abbot of Bhutan, Je Yonten Thaye. A popular belief is that when stupa is constructed , a pious dakini princess from Arunachal Pradesh in India entombed herself within to meditate on behalf of all beings. Every year the stupa is a venue for two popular festivals-the Dakpa Kora & Drukpa Kora. These festivals are attended by Dhakpa tribe from Arunachal Pradesh and Bhutanese from all over Eastern Bhutan.

Chortenkora ChortenkoraTashiyangtse ChortenkoraTashiyangtse