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Trashigang :

Trashigang is the largest district of Bhutan. Many beautiful villages like Radhi, Merak and Sakten , Rangjung, fall under the umbrella of Trashigang. It enjoys a mild climate. It is a pleasant unspoilt place with friendly, ever smiling people.

 Bhutan's largest river, Dangmechu flows through the district. The 650 square kilometre Sakteng  Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to many species of mixed conifer and rhododendrons is also located here. Trashigang boasts of numerous sacred and ancient monasteries which provide a spiritual anchor for the people.

We can also witness the nomadic life of Brokpas in Merak and Sakeng or  watch the Tshanglas(aboriginal settlers) building colorful homes or witness women from Radhi at work or try a local alcohol beverage (Ara) with locals. The people here are known for their hospitality and easy going nature.


Tahigang Tashigang Dzong Tashigang