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Glacial Lakes :

Bhutan has about 677 glaciers and 2,674 glacial lakes and subsidiary lakes. Most are located above an altitude of 3,500 meters (11,500 ft), and most have no permanent human settlements nearby, though many are used for grazing yaks and may have scattered temporary settlements. While on Laya Gasa trek or snowman trek you may come across some of the astounding Glacial lakes which look like an abode of god.

As phenomena of nature, all lakes in Bhutan are believed to be inhabited by spirits and is highly revered thus the sanctity of the lake is well maintained

Gasa has over a hundred glacial lakes that feed major river systems downstream. An epic helicopter tour over these Himalayan glaciers and glacial lakes is something that can be both mesmerizing as well as an enriching experience on how climate change is transforming this otherwise pristine landscape.

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