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Laya Village :

Laya village- the highland of Yaks- is located at the north-western part of the country. On the lap of Masang Gang, towered by Gangchen Taag in the west and Gangla Karchung in the east, it stands at the highest of about 3800 meters above sea level. 

Guarded by the range of mountains; laden with snow- rapidly melting and pleasing the turbines of nations’ wealth; are the diamond mines of the layaps- the cordyceps. 

And I am sure, no one can really resist wondering about this group of highlanders, when the eardrum is struck with the beats of Laya’s village echo.

Layaps or the ethnic people of laya have preserved their arcane culture, traditions, costumes, and semi-nomadic way of life. To experience the maximum cultural richness, time your trip during their Owlay festival, which takes place once in three years. You can also visit Yongzhu Lhakhang, Jangsa Dzong, and Dung Goempa. 


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