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General Medical Matters

Personal Medical Kit

We bring a basic first aid kit for emergencies, but you must bring your own personal first aid supplies. Please discuss this information with your physician, as well as other medications you should bring with you, such as antibiotics (Cipro or other), pain killers, allergy medicine (epi-pens for allergic reactions to bee stings), etc. Remember, your trip leader DOES NOT carry prescription medications.


Currently, no vaccinations are required to enter Bhutan. The standard recommended immunizations for Bhutan at this time are:

  • Typhoid
  • Tetanus
  • Hepatitis A
  • Polio

Regulations and recommendations change frequently, so we advise you check with your local health department or the CDC.

Ask your doctor for an International Certificate of Vaccination (“yellow card”), and have your immunizations entered on the certificate. It will help you keep track of all the immunizations you have received throughout the years.


You don’t need to take malaria medication for this trek.

Dental Checkup

Make sure to get your teeth checked by your dentist prior to the trip. Dental care in Bhutan is primitive.

Staying Healthy

While in Asia: Never drink the tap water. In Paro and Thimphu, bottled water will be provided at meals, but you will be responsible for buying your own water to fill your water bottles or to take into your room at night. Use only bottled water or water that you have purified yourself by adding iodine or chlorine to it for brushing your teeth. Water purification tablets (read the General Health Information booklet for a description) are available at most outdoor equipment suppliers. Also, ask for no ice in your drinks (because you can’t be sure it was made from purified water). If you’re eating on your own at a restaurant, you’re probably safe ordering thoroughly cooked items (served to you while they’re still hot), but avoid raw vegetables, salads, and shellfish to be extra cautious. You can eat fresh fruit that you peel yourself. The trip leader will provide you with more detailed guidelines.