GNH Tour

Bhutan Best Tour offers you a tour plan where you can have a feel of GNH. In this tour, we will let you interact with local people from all walks of life – from GNH experts, farmers, civil servants and others. and you will visit schools, NGOs, and monastic institutions and we will give you an insight to the idea of why Bhutan is pursuing GNH.

The main goal of this tour is to allow you to understand what happiness is and to allow you to ask yourself what makes you happy.

In this program we can arrange for you the following if need be :

  1. Visit to remote places. We can visit the villages in the Eastern corner of Bhutan; the road less travelled. You can observe the paradigm shift of life style as you move from West to East. The people of East are hospitable and kind.
  2. Organize a meeting with the expertise who are well versed in Gross National Happiness.
  3. Visit to modern and traditional schools. Meet with teachers, interact with the kids, and understand their views. You can do the comparative studies.
  4. Visit to monastic body. We can also take you to the retreat side where the monks undergo three years, three months retreat.

This tour takes you to the wholesome Bhutan. This is a tailored vacation. First we understand your need and design your vacation accordingly. We advise you to take the bookings for this trip a month prior, so all the needful is taken care of.

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