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Jungney Dra :

Jungney Dra Lhakhang or temple is a visually striking temple perched on a majestic rocky mountain in rustic Haa valley. One can't miss talking about Jungney Dra Hike while discussing Hiking and Walking Tours in Haa. The hike is a short 45 minutes hike encircled by the stunning view of mountains.  It is one of the least explored and best places to visit in Haa valley.  

It is said that the cliff where the Jungney Dra Temple sits right now, is going to be the place or the source from where the hidden treasure teachings of Guru Rinpoche will be discovered in the future. 'Jung' means origin or source; 'Ney' means a place and 'Dra' is a cliff. So, it can be roughly translated as the Source of Hidden Treasure.

The hike starts with a walk through an authentic Bhutanese village until you reach a pastoral surrounding past the Mani Dangrim. Mani Dangrim is a long wall-structured stupa. Following this, ascend the pine path for about 40 minutes till you reach an old stupa gate from where you will notice the Cliffside temple and the steep stair leading to it. The sight of the valley below and the sky behind the temple is truly remarkable. Before entering the main temple which houses an ancient statue of Guru Rinpoche and the right footprint of Machig Labdron on a rock, you will have to squeeze your way through a natural stone entryway.

Being a spiritually blessed place yet unstained by the crowd, the Jungney Dra Lhakhang is one of the best places to visit in Haa valley.

View of Haa Valley from Jungney Dra