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In Search of Blue Poppy

Hypnotic and captivating, Blue Poppy or as it is scientifically known Meconopsis gakyidiana is the national flower of the kingdom of Bhutan. They were earlier, believed to be only legends; which implies in real life due to the difficulty in spotting and finding.

There are several species of the poppy flower, but the blue poppy .  It grows at high altitudes .

To find one you will have to hike up the mountains that surpass the tree level and are 3,500m to 11,000m beyond the sea level. And if you have the luck, only then will you be able to come across one. They only bloom between May and July. Though they are rare, their vibrant blue color makes it hard to spot in the grey and green background of the mountains.

Trekking up higher in trails can increase the chances of you to see these. The best place to hunt them would be by taking the short trek (few hours) from Chelela pass and ascending upward. The trek leads the tourers higher while they can absorb the natural amazedness of the location. It climbs up to Dogney Tsho which is at 3,200m from sea level, ideal for health and fresh air.

A variety of wildflowers and plants, local herders, yaks, and similar domesticated animals can be spotted on this trail. Despite all the challenges,  a mere sight of this flower can enlighten your mood. This trek is advised to be taken before the arrival of monsoon since it gets difficult for most people to walk on a slippery route.

An incredible chance to be in commune with nature.