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Meet The Monk At The Hill Top

Bhutan can be called as the untouched and unmatched Himalayan beauty for its awe-inspiring spots and pacifying Buddhist temples. The sacred monasteries that sit precariously on sheer cliffs, the fluttering prayer flags that line the high ridges, the red robed monk who chant through day and night give the kingdom an aura that comes from another life. Found far away from the hustle-bustle of busy cities, this could be an amazing experience to add to your Bhutan Tour.  Meet with a Bhutan monk on a secluded mountain top and discover the sacred Vajrayana Teachings. Hoist prayer flags, light butter lamps and practice meditation with an authentic Buddhist master.

You can either choose just to have a day excursion to these places or stay a day or two or be a part of a monastic life to understand Buddhism better or to soak yourself in the atmosphere of tranquility.

We are providing you with a list of a few monasteries on the hilltop: