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Chumphu-Nye-Hike-in-Paro :

Chumphu Nye hike in Paro is one of the most refreshing hike in Bhutan. It is spiritually uplifting.

Situated in the northern frontiers of the Paro valley at 2250m, you can find the Chumphu Nye. It is a 30-minute drive away from the center of Paro; you will have to leave your luxurious rides behind get walking for a 14km hike. This trail is covered with lush green trees; pines, rhododendrons, and oaks. You can enter by yourself, the path is easy to track and follow.
This trekking path consists of several holy sites and runs along with the crystal clear water flow of the Dho Chu River. This river helps the local farmers of Shari and Doteng communities in paddy irrigation. The walk on this trail is not tiresome, it is quite flat and plain, which makes it even more perfect for going with family.
A few sites like Throne of Guru Rinpoche, Gate to Heaven, the Ceremonial robe of Guru on a rock, imprints of saints/ dakinis and a Stone Vase that contains immortality elixir. The rocky cliffs seen here are said to hide the treasures that are concealed for hard times. This pilgrim circuit is said to be sacred and various luminaries have done this journey to achieve enlightenment and following Dharma.
The pilgrims come here to pay their respect to the sanctity of this place. The main statue within the temple of Chumphu Nye, at the height of 3191m, is said to be of Dorji Phagmo. What is special about it is that it levitates. It is the chief attraction at the temple and leaves the viewers stunned all the time. This statue is said to fulfill rightful wishes and bless the people who make wishes.
This temple is house to various murals that are exceptionally remarkable. They showcase saints and masters of Buddhism. Another 20-minute hike upwards from the temple leads to a holy waterfall, at the height of 3246m. It is popular among the visiting devotees to take back with them bamboo fragments that are near the waterfall, as a blessing and to be formed as an amulet and worn.

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