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Haa-Panorama-Hiking-Trail-in-Haa :

The Haa Panorama Hiking Trail is an ancient route in Haa. The one-day hiking trail overlooks four major monasteries of upper Haa: Yangthang, Katsho, Dranadingkha, and Takchu Gonpas.

The hike starts from Yangthang Gonpa through the thick pine covering and provides a wide-ranging view of Haa valley. It gently ascends to 3,150 meters above sea level and passes through Jungney Dra and Katsho Gonpa.

The Hiking trails connect two smaller districts of Katsho and Bji with two exit points in between; if the hikers want to keep the hike short then they can exit from Katsho Gonpa or Jungney Dra.

The trail is also suitable for cycling and has a picnic spot with a hot stone bath facility.

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