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Hike-To-Katsho-Goemba-and-Jungney-Dra-at-Haa Valley :

The Katsho Goemba and Jungney Dra hike are some of the best day hikes that begin from Haa.The hiking path makes the hikers view some of the most eye-catching and mind-boggling scenery in Haa valley.

Haa valley of Bhutan may not be one of the most visited places by tourists. But it is a great place to spend your vacation.

The trail is steep but through this forest hike, you can get a stunning view of Haa Valley. You can also spot loads of Traditional Bhutanese Houses, Villages, or Buddhist Monasteries at the height of this hike.

 If you take the hike leisurely, you will take about one hour to reach Jungney Dra and another 45 minutes to reach Katsho Goemba, and from Katsho Goemba you can be picked up by your driver.

Hearing the tales of the mountains is not difficult if you are in the heart of nature. After you are standing amidst the mountains that touch the skyline, you will be enchanted by their surreal looks. 

 And this is what the hike to Katsho Goemba and Jungney Dra is going to offer to you.



Hike-To-Katsho-Goemba-and-Jungney-Dra-at-Haa Valley
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