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Hike-to-Zuri-Dzong-in Paro:

If you want to capture the bird view of Paro valley and take a forest bath, then the hike to Zuri Dzong can be rewarding. 

The hike starts, 2Km from Ta Dzong. You have to take the ancient walking trail through lush green forest to reach the fort. As you walk through this trail you can capture the stunning panoramic view of Paro valley.

After 30 minutes of uphill climb you will reach Zuri Fort which stands like a silent sentinel, surrounded by Cypress Trees which is supposed to be 400 years old.

You can take a rest here under the cypress tree and feel the cool sweeping breeze before heading to the magnificent fort.

The hike is easy and after paying the homage to the deity  you can retrace your path back.

Hike-to-Zuri-Dzong-in Paro
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