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Lungchutse-Hike-from- Dochu-La-Pass :

Lungchutse hike is one of the most beautiful hikes through the forest of Rhododendrons and Hemlock. The hike starts from the basement of Dochula at an altitude of 3300 Mts.

If you are taking this hike in the spring you will be heralded by carpeted rhododendron and giant Hemlock.

This hike has lot to offer to you: tall ancient trees, the sight of rare birds, wild mushrooms, Ferns, meadows and crispy air. Everything around here is picturesque. Photos do not justify the beauty of the place.

Hike Through Forest of Hemlock and RhododendronsFrom Dochula till you reach Lungchutse temple, the hike is bit uphill but easy. Once you reach the temple and if weather cooperates you can enjoy a 360 degree view of the Himalaya Range including Jumolhari (7314 m), Masang Gang (7158), Zongophu Gang – (7060 m) and Gangkhar Puensum (7520 m), the highest peak in Bhutan.

While returning back we will take the trail leading to a Tashigang monastery on the hilltop with retreat house giving you the sense of awe and wonder.

From Tashigang Goemba you can drive back to your destination.

Time: 3-4 Hrs Hike, Starting Point: Dochula Pass, Thimphu

Lungchutse-Hike-from- Dochu-La-Pass
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