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Rainforest-Hike-in-Punakha :

The trail of Rainforest Hike at Punakha is used by the locals for reaching the lake. It is a mildly difficult, 5-hour trek through the dense rainforests in the upper part of Punakha valley.

This hiking path is remote and has one of the least outside influences which increases the drive to visit. It would be fun to Walk through muddy paths, ups and downs, and thick flora to reach and get the grand lake view. 

While following the trail, you will come across a wide variety of flora like Neprolephsiscardifolia and Colocaciaspp, whose roots are like fruits; that fill your empty stomach and take the thirst away. Fruits like Elatostema Platyphyllum, Assamese apple, and Edible ferns are a few to name

The fauna of the region are no different, birds like Blue-throated Barbet, Flycatchers, etc. and animals like Himalayan black bear, common leopard, Barking deer, etc. are a few critters that might grant your attention. After reaching the Hoka Tsho Lake, you can enjoy the serene views of the still water and rising cliff while you devour your picnic meal and the scenery. Wherefore you can head to Chorten Nyingpo to be driven back to your lodge.

So if you are looking for a  quiet walk on road not travelled, into the extended arms of nature, with sounds of rustling trees and animals then this Rainforest Hike at Punakha is just for you.


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