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Ura-Valley-Hike-in-Bumthang  :

Ura valley hike is one of the most scenic hikes in Bhutan. From Bumthang valley, it takes about 50 Km to reach Ura Valley. On the way you may encounter cows, sheep, horses, yak & herders, giving you the feel of the medieval period. When reaching the Shell Thang La Pass (3600 meters / 11800 feet), & if the weather cooperates, you can have the magnificent view of Mount Gangkar Puensum (7540 meters / 24700 feet), the virgin mountain, unclimbed and pure. 

From here, you can descend into Ura village, one of the most intriguing villages of Bhutan. The path to Ura Village meanders down through meadows providing you with a clear view of the village. Ura has about 50 or so clusters of traditional homes with paved walkways that give somewhat a medieval atmosphere. The people are warm and will welcome you wholeheartedly. You will pass  through the farm house and scattered houses which may provide you with  opportunities to interact with locals . The Ura Valley hike also gives you an opportunity to explore and learn the way of life of Bhutan village. 

If you are still energetic after the Ura hike, we can drive further 30 minutes from Ura and you will reach Shingkhar village. Another beautifully set village to feast your eyes

Hiking through the lush alpine greens can be challenging but worthwhile in the end.


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