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koma-tshachu :

Koma Tshachu is based at Gon Shari at Punakha. In order to reach here we have to drive along the Punakha Gasa Highway for about an hour till we reach the turning junction that leads to Gon shari village and from there it takes about 40 minutes’ walk. 

It is considered auspicious to visit this place from the eighth month of the Bhutanese calendar until the twelfth month. It is believed that one should dip for at least three continuous days to get the full effect of the minerals in the waters.

There are primarily 3 Pools

The first pool, with a temperature of 33°C contains healing properties for disease related to disturbance to your wind .The second pool with a temperature of 38.3°C can cure phlegm disorder; and it contains healing properties of cold, digestive disorder , Lymphatic fluid, skin disease; but those with high blood pressure are advised not to bath inside this pool for a long time. 

The third pool which is Medicinal water ( sman chu), also on the other side of the stream with a temperature of 17.3°C has curative properties for the impact of injury, gout , fractures and also is a good cure for Jaundice and neural diseases 

The hot spring is considered sacred as it is believed to be blessed by Guru Rinpoche, the prime deity of Bhutan.

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