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Thrumshingla National Park is a jewel within the protected area system of Bhutan. It has huge expanses of some of the last remaining stands of cool-temperate broad-leaved forests and old fir growth in the entire Himalayas. The park has a combination of all the different vegetation zones of Bhutan.

A record of 360 bird species in the park includes globally threatened rufous-necked hornbill, beautiful nuthatch, Pallas’ fish eagle, chestnut breasted partridge, and other rare species like yellow-rumped honeyguide, ward’s Tragon, and Tawny Fish Owl.    

The park has 69 species of mammals. The Royal Bengal Tiger has been recorded as high as 2,950 meters above sea level, and the Red Panda is frequently sighted along the national highway. The other mammal species such as Himalayan Black Bear, Common Leopard, and Musk Deer are commonly sighted. 

More than 622 plant species are found in TNP, comprising 152 medicinal plants and 21 species endemic to Bhutan. Atop the high pass, there is an in-situ rhododendron garden with 22 species of flower, and over 50 species of edible mushrooms from the wild can be sighted. 

Sakten Wildlife Sanctuary