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Dewachen Resort and Spa

Dewachen Resort and Spa
Location: (Paro )
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Dewachen Resort and Spa

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The Dewachen Resort is located 20 minutes from the airport in Paro on a gentle slope overlooking the picturesque Paro valley. The meandering Paro River and the rice fields form an agrarian topography that is beautiful to the eye and calming to the mind.

Dewachen in Bhutanese means heaven, and further signifies well-being and peace. And that is just what they hope to offer you during your stay here. Their dedicated staff will strive to offer the unobtrusive services to our esteemed clients with traditional warmth and hospitality. The resort was built keeping in mind the vibrant and colorful Bhutanese architecture and modern comforts.

Dewachen Resort Outside Dewachen Resort Room Dewachen Dining