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Dzongdrakha Lhakhang :

If you cannot hike to Tiger Nest, the other option is to visit Dzongdrakha which sits precariously at the edge of the mountain top and is visually as splendid as Tiger Nest. It is one of the several local sites where Guru Rinpoche had subdued the local demons and has the aura of another dimension. The monastery houses four shrines devoted to Tara, Tsheringma (Goddess of Longevity), Guru Rinpoche, and the Buddha of the Future, Maitreya.

Dzongdrakha is 20 minutes drive from Bondey toward Paro-Haa highway. After parking your car , you may need to walk for another 15 minutes through some traditional houses. You can also get a good view of Paro Bondey valley from here.

A crystal stupa (chorten) which is as long as an arrow and egg-shaped relics of Sangay Youelsum (karshapa) are the main treasure of Dzongdrakha Lhakhang.It is believed that the relic used to shake on the auspicious days, because of which the people named the crystal stupa Chorten Karmogyel.It also houses the immovable statue of Buddha Sakyamuni.


 Dzongdrakha has many tales to tell. This is one place to visit in Paro in case you cannot make it for Tiger Nest.

Don't forget to visit the cave where Drubthog Gyonpo Dorji , the founder of the Lhakhang has meditated. It has a spiritually healing ambience. The place is also not so touristy so you can enjoy the serenity and tranquility at utmost on your own.


Dzongdrakha Monastery Paro Dzongdrakha Monastery Paro Dzongdrakha Dzongdrakha Paro