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Zuri Dzong :

The peak of the Zuri Dzong Trek is probably the perfect spot to have a bird-eye view of the entire Paro valley. The Zuri Dzong is the oldest Dzong in Bhutan, and in there lies a cave where Guru Rinpoche came to meditate in the 8th century. This peaceful place allows both Bhutanese and tourists to soak in the tranquil that radiates from the extraordinary view, something one can stare at for hours in wonder and awe. The total journey time to get there will take approximately 30 minutes if one starts from the museum watchtower, and an additional 1 hour to exit out towards Uma. Tourists can expect to sit and relax there, and also remember to catch the amazing side view as you hike through Trek.

Zuri Dzong Zuri Dzong in Paro Hike to Zuri Dzong in Paro Auspicious Zuri Dzong Paro View from Zuri Dzong of Paro Dzong and valley Zuri Dzong